My wife Vera suffers from a few allergies. It covers everything from certain foods to the cold weather (yes, the cold weather). One of the most recent and serious allergies she’s had to deal with was to that of sulfites. If she drinks or eats too much of them, she gets covered in massive amounts of itchy and painful hives. It takes days upon days to flush out. It’s a mess and not something she ever wants to deal with again. So, what’s the solution? Cut out a ton of great food and drink, especially wine? Wine is too good to pass up, no? Especially since she literally just started to like and appreciate it. What can be done??

Sulfites are an unnatural preservative and the only artificial chemical added to wine but while they’re an essential part of wine production, their job is over when you open the bottle. They are not needed at all and wine can be enjoyed without them. Best part, I found out that they can be removed with a product called Üllo (pronounced “oo-low”).

Üllo’s proprietary Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology filters away free sulfites and their bitter taste, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected – it is the only wine purifier of its kind and it works like a charm.

It even looks great! Designed with simplicity and purpose, Üllo works to purify wine by the glass or bottle, with an option to aerate. The aerator can be switched on or off to suit the user’s preference. One Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter is optimized to purify one bottle of wine. The filter should be replaced with each new bottle. Extra filters are available at

The revolutionary Üllo Wine Purifier, and its companion Carafe and Decanter, are the ideal luxury gift for wine drinkers. To find out more about the magic of  Üllo, please check out:

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