Working from home may mean that you sit in a chair that creates back pain. The back pain turns to headaches and the headaches don’t let you get much work done. There are many gadgets for work at home professionals that will make you comfortable, more efficient and in turn increase productivity. Today I am sharing great gadgets for work at home professionals that solve various issues that incur when you sit at home and work all day.

Amazon Echo

This device allows you to easily command music or news in the background while you work. Whatever your fancy, be it music or news, Amazon Echo can really help you remain calm or stay up to date with the latest news while you work at home.

Solar USB Charger

Every work at home professional has some electronic device that needs to get charged during their working hours. Consider getting a solar USB charger that can easily keep your smartphone or tablet fully charged without raising electricity costs.


Sure you may be working at home all day so others think you have time to clean. Cleaning is not really a priority when you have to be in the office making that cash flow. The Roomba is a must have gadget for work at home professionals so the home is free of dust bunnies, all day long.

Clip-On Cup Holder

Sure this isn’t an electronic device. It’s simply a cup holder that you can clip to the side of your desk. This great gadget makes sense for the work at home professional because we all know coffee cups can spill all over your work! Get a clip-on cup holder to alleviate the mess on desk.

Desktop Punching Bag

Do you ever have a moment when a client frustrates you to a point that a desktop punching bag would come in handy? I think we all have frustrating moments when working at home, that’s why I recommend getting this gadget – a desktop punching bag. Great way to relieve stress!

iPad Pedestal Stand

Most work at home professionals are workaholics who become a master in the art of multi-tasking. If this defines you and you own an iPad then consider the iPad pedestal stand. Place this stand in the bathroom so you can work even while having a bathroom break.

Livescribe Echo SmartPen

Last, but certainly not least, this Echo SmartPen can be a life saver for any work at home professional that jots notes down frequently. Created to work with the Echo desktops, this pen works just like a regular one but with a catch. This pen can record audio too!

Let’s face it, the year is 2017 and the gadgets are extensive. Almost any work at home professional can find a slew of gadgets that will help them remain efficient during trying times. Check out each of these great gadgets for work at home professionals and tell me…

Which one would you want most?

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