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It’s something everyone seems to need and want more of. People are busy. People have things to do. There’s meetings and conference calls, soccer practice and gym visits, business trips and client meetings. These things on their own may not take up much time, but when everything happens back-to-back seemingly each and every day, then Houston, we have a problem. The days fly by like never before for me and as my business and my kids get busier and busier there will be even less and less time in each precious day.

Don’t you want more time to get that last blog post up or take a little extra time on the step machine or watch your entire kid’s soccer game? I know I do and I think you do, too. As much as we can plan and organize, schedule and manage, there are just certain life tasks that can and never will go away. One major time consuming task for me and my family of five (plus dog and fish) is food shopping. We need more and more groceries which means more and more supermarket runs. The kids each more, their friends that come over snack more, and Vera and I need more fresh produce as we build on our goals of eating better. Things like dairy and produce seem to get scarfed down in no time, but so do drinks and everything else it seems.

What can you do to better manage this and try to get some of that priceless time back in your life? Well, you can starve the kids or order take-out every day. I think we all know that those would be terrible options for so many reasons. Other than that, well, there’s Peapod by Stop & Shop. Peapod is this amazing delivery service that saves you so much time. Think of this, being able to get anything and everything from your local Stop & Shop without having to actually leave the house.

Save $20 on Your First Order of $75+ And Get Free Delivery For Up to 60 Days with code AFF20FD!

Too good to be true? Seems like it, doesn’t it? But it’s really just too good! Check it out…

What You Do:

You Shop

At home, work, on your phone. 24/7, you can get all of your shopping done from the comfort of…wherever you’d like. You browse the “aisles” and fill your cart with all the brands you love, the freshest produce and meats, local specialties, anything really. Nothing is unavailable of off limits. I picked up water, deli cheese, yogurt, fruit, and more. Peapod has it all!

Fill Your Cart and Schedule Your Delivery Time

Choose a time that best fits your schedule, next day or 2 weeks out. I picked a time almost a week out since I ordered before I went away on a trip. Depending on the time and availability, this could even save you some money on the delivery fee. Be flexible and you win even more. I saved $4 picking my time!

Sit Back and Relax Because Peapod Delivers The Goods

Peapod’s friendly and courteous drivers bring the groceries right to your door! Seriously dope. It’s amazing if you really think about how cool this is. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Quick pick-up service is available in some areas too. My driver is always awesome and always comes right on time. I love getting the delivery early, too. He came before the kids woke up, so all the goodies were ready to be munched on just in time for breakfast! I got back from my trip at 9PM the night before, so this could not have been more perfect.

The entire experience was seamless, easy, and convenient especially given I had just gotten back into my house about 9 hours before the delivery magically appeared at my door. In my life of chaos with a lot of travel for me and my wife, coupled with working from home and managing the house and kids, a service like Peapod is a game changer and a life saver. It gives you back, literally, hours of time each and every week. It’s well worth the small delivery fee to get that time, wouldn’t you think? I 100% think it’s worth it. No doubt.

More time for more of what I’d really like to do. That’s not bad.

Save $20 on Your First Order of $75+ And Get Free Delivery For Up to 60 Days with code AFF20FD!

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