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It’s 90 degrees right now on Long Island and it’s a long time overdue. We’ve had a cold and wet spring so far, but Mother Nature seems to be shaking it all off…finally. Typically I’m indifferent about the weather changes as I really do like all of the four seasons, but for some reason I’m am really looking forward to summer weather! There’s just something about shorts, flip-flops, the beach, and maybe getting a litlte bit of a tan that really is calling to me. Man, it really is calling to me.

While summer is mostly about being outside and enjoying life to the fullest (those kids grow up fast and we ain’t getting any older), you still have to think about your home, too. It’s not like you’re outside 24/7, right? As the weather begins to get warmer, one of the main concerns for you and for me has to be your air conditioning. When it gets hot, it really gets uncomfortable in the house, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep. Will your HVAC system keep its cool this summer? That’s the very important question. Don’t worry, though, I have the answer! Sears has you covered with HVAC repair and maintenance before the first heat wave.

There are some very important questions you need to ask yourself when getting ready for the summer. First and foremost, is your AC ready for summer? This is a tough question and until I really looked into it, I had no idea. Fortunately, I found some great maintenance tips, right here!! These are a lifesaver.

If you have an older unit or one that’s not really working well, and you think you need to replace it, then you need to really figure out what type of HVAC is right for you? This can mean all the difference, as there are a number of factors and options to think about. It’s important to know the facts before you buy, that’s for sure! Is your head spinning yet? As with so many other things in life today, especially with your home, there seem to be far too many options. But, in the long run, the more options the better. Believe me!

I know that this is a lot to take in and it can be overwhelming. That’s why I trust the experts at Sears Home Improvements to repair, replace or maintain your (and mine) heating and cooling systems!! When it’s time to install a new furnace, central air conditioner, or other type of whole-house heating or cooling unit, I really think that you should schedule a free at-home consultation with a Sears heating and cooling expert. Sears Home Services provides customers with flexible scheduling options, plus state-of-the-art repair centers throughout the U.S. for carry-in products. It’s the right first step to take. To make it even more compelling for you, just remember that when you let the experts at Sears replace your cooling system, you’ll save big on qualified cooling systems from Sears!! DEAL ALERT!! You can save up to $1,975 on a new Carrier HVAC System!!!* Isn’t that worth giving Sears a call??

Sears Home Services is the nation’s largest provider of home services for our customer’s products and homes. Handling 13 million service calls made every year, Sears Home Services maintains the largest mobile service fleet in the nation: over 10,000 certified technicians trained in the latest technology on most major brands of appliances, electronics, and lawn and garden, HVAC and fitness equipment, no matter where they were purchased. What’s not to love about that? You’re going with a real pro, which is what you need when you are looking to battle 90 degree temperatures!

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