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We have been doing some home improvements around the house lately. I guess you can call it the 10 year fresh-up. We’ve been painting most of the rooms, changed up the rooms, and bought some new furniture here and there. The little changes can go a long way.

I’ve also been on a “nuts and bolts” energy efficiency kick. I swapped out my 60 year old oil burner for a brand new, efficient gas one. We’ve gotten new appliances that are all so much smarter and more energy efficient. I’ve put in some motion sensor light switches, too, making sure those lights turn off when people are not in the rooms.

Finally, I’ve changed out all of the traditional light bulbs in the house, making the switch to LED in order to cut down energy use. The little changes like this can go a long way.

It’s good to not just conserve energy, but also for my family’s bottom line – it’ll help us save on our monthly utility bill. It’s a win/win if I’ve ever seen one.

While the paint, home furnishings and appliances are all from different brands, my lights are all from one source: Philips Lighting. My favorite bulb has to be the Philips 60 Watt Replacement (7 Watt) Classic Glass LED light bulb. Not only does it deliver over 85% energy savings over traditional bulbs, which was important in my 10 year fresh up, but it also sports that old-school classic look we all know and love.

As you can see here, the lighting (800 lumens – the brightness factor) makes our new eat-in/dining room (formerly known as the TV room/den) really pop!!!

The glass bulb is back and better than ever!! There’s no compromise in the look of the bulb, it’s longer-lasting, with an estimated 13.7 years, and it delivers the energy- and cost-savings benefits I mentioned before. An estimated energy cost of $0.84 per year per bulb is a home run!!

The Philips Classic Glass LED  is the absolute perfect, general purpose light bulb. You can pretty much use it just about anywhere in your home. You have the option of Daylight and Soft White versions, both in 4-packs which is perfect for me.

In most rooms, we have Daylight so we can take good pictures, but in some lamps and certain fixtures, we love having the Soft White for a more calming effect. To give you an idea, for most people (not bloggers taking pictures for work in their home), the Soft White is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, and can be used when performing everyday tasks. On the other hand, the Daylight is pretty much ideal for office spaces, basements, bathrooms and laundry rooms. It mimics natural light, which can help you feel energized, so it’s best used when doing tasks that require concentration (e.g. homework, bills).

It’s amazing what a huge difference great lighting can make in a house. It’s not something that immediately pops into your mind when you are thinking about making changes around the house, but it should! Sometimes little changes lead to big results, like they did in my house with the Philips Classic Glass LEDs.

These awesome new light bulbs are available for purchase at Home Depot for $9.97/4 pack (MSRP). I always buy a bunch at a time because it’s always easier having additional ones around. Find them below:

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