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Your home is so important. It’s your safe place and the place where your life happens. It’s where memories are made and where kids grow up. It’s just about the #1 place in almost everyone’s life. As with everything else in life, things change. Tastes change, needs change, families change. When things change, maybe your home needs to as well. Depending on the needs and where you are with your life, it might be time to make some home improvements.

Maybe It’s Time For A Change

Is this something you have considered? Are you debating but haven’t made up your mind? Are you planning a home remodel either ASAP or sometime in the coming years? Are you just curious what’s out there and what could possibly be done to make your home work a little better for you, maybe be a little bit more enjoyable for you and your family? Maybe this summer is the right time to look into it.

Since the family home is typically a family’s largest investment, it’s really important to not only consider all of the things that would be “nice, cool, or fun” to have, but also what improvements will make the most of every dollar spent! We all work hard for our money, so we should spend it as wisely as possible, right?

A Trusted Place To Get The Job Done

One place I love to turn, a place that’s been a trusted source for years, a place for you to consider is Sears Home Services. The experts at Sears have been around for more than 125 years, and will provide complete project management from start to finish, with support through the life of your service.

When you contract with Sears, they’ll assign a dedicated project manager to your job. Sears techs are fully qualified local sub-contractors and technicians who you can trust to work on your home. This person coordinates all aspects of the completion of your project—from permitting, ordering materials, local sub-contractor management and more. Your personal project manager is dedicated to your complete satisfaction across all the elements of the work. It’s easy, it’s a complete process, and it’s the best way to ensure that your big investment is one that’s done the right way at the right price.

Home Improvement Projects with the Highest ROI

Now, as you are deciding what work you think would be nice to have done, I think it’s also very important to think what work would get the best ROI for you, your family, and your home. It’s a great thing if you can get the most for your money while improving your lifestyle as well as the value of your big investment!

According to the Sears Home Services Blog, there are 10 Home Improvement Projects with the Highest Return on Investment. Below, they are ranked by percentage of cost recouped.

This is a truly helpful listing for when you decide to spend some of your hard-earned money to improve your home. Here’s the list in a text-based format. Maybe it’s easier to read, or copy/paste to send to your spouse!

  • Steel Entry Door Replacement
    • Job Cost: $1,230
    • Resale Value: $1,252
    • Cost recouped: 101.8%
  • Garage Door Replacement
    • Job cost: $1,595
    • Resale Value: $1,410
    • Cost recouped: 88.4%
  • Vinyl Siding Replacement
    • Job cost: $12,013
    • Resale value: $9,694
    • Cost recouped: 80.7%
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel
    • Job cost: $19,226
    • Resale value: $15,255
    • Cost recouped: 79.3%
  • Wood Window Replacement
    • Job cost: $11,341
    • Resale value: $8,937
    • Cost recouped: 72.9%
  • Vinyl Window Replacement
    • Job cost: $11,198
    • Resale value: $8,163
    • Cost recouped: 72.9%
  • Fiberglass Entry Door Replacement
    • Job cost: $2,926
    • Resale value: $2,107
    • Cost recouped: 72.0%
  • Roof Replacement
    • Job cost: $19,528
    • Resale value: $13,975
    • Cost recouped: 71.6%
  • Bathroom Remodel
    • Job cost: $16,724
    • Resale value: $11,707
    • Cost recouped: 70%
  • Major Kitchen Remodel
    • Job cost: $56,768
    • Resale value: $38,485
    • Cost recouped: 67.8%

Schedule A Consultation & Get The Best Offers

If you’re ready to rock and roll and get to making some home improvements, there’s no time like the present! You have the will, you have the desire, and you have some really important information to base any decisions. There’s only one thing left to do. Schedule your free in home consultation with a Sears expert today and save on home improvements this summer! See all available offers right here!!!

Let me know how it goes. I think I have the itch to cross a couple of things off of my home improvement list, too.

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