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Father’s Day Is Coming

Father’s Day is coming up this week and it’s always a time to reflect on my life. My kids, my wife, and my family are the #1 part of my life, each and every day. It’s amazing how much you simply cannot prepare to be a father. Maybe you think you know what it’s all about, but until you get down and dirty into the weeds, you really have no idea whatsoever. With each passing day, there seems to be a new challenge, a new joy, and some more drama. Father’s Day is when guys celebrate all the wonderful things about being a dad. Guys also know that even though they love their kids, they can sometimes drive them nuts or, in many cases, give them grays.

The highs and lows of it all can be overwhelming at times, but that’s really all just because you can’t think of loving anything more or wanting nothing but the best for all of your kids. You want them to be good people, happy people, and successful people. It would be great if they do well in school, get on the A sports team, and have a ton of friends. You want it all for them, more than you ever had. Because of this intense love, fatherhood can cause many things. Love, hate, anger, worry, frustration, and so much more. It can all be in one day sometimes, too!!

As Father’s Day 2017 comes closer and closer, I’ve come up with a quick list!

Top 5 Ways That Fatherhood Gives Me Grays

  1. The constant mess – Toys, shoes, homework, and who knows what always seems to end up in the wrong place all of the time
  2. The electronics addiction – Sure, I’m online and I get there’s a lot out there, but man is it like pulling teeth to get these kids to run around, read a book, or just be at times
  3. Doing schoolwork – Getting these kids to do their homework or prepare for a test is a true test of wills for both parties and I’m not sure who will come out alive most days
  4. Slime – I think that’s enough said, but my house has more glue, detergent, food color, glitter, and Tupperware than anyone should legally be allowed to possess at one time
  5. Laundry and Room Maintenance – Tell me, please, why these kids wear so many clothes and why, even after I wash they, they all seem to end up on the closet floor…next to other stuff that also has no business being on the closet floor either

Ok, so I can go on and create a top 50, but that’s not really what I’m looking to do right here, right now. TMI and all of that. Thank goodness I’m not the only father getting the grays! Check this video out:

Keep Those Grays Away

One thing is for sure, these kids keep me (and other fathers) busy all the time. Sometimes, I’m literally just waiting to wake up to an entire head of gray hair! Ugh, well, at least that’s something I can really combat when I need to! While I’m still relatively gray-free, I know it’s coming. And when it does, I’ll be ready to rock with Just For Men AutoStop.

I’m loving AutoStop for a few reasons. First, it doesn’t damage hair since it’s peroxide and ammonia free. This is key, you definitely want healthy-looking and strong hair. Second, it’s foolproof. You just can’t go too dark and it’s so easy to comb-in (there’s no mix). Third, as safe and easy as it is to use, it actually lasts up to 8 weeks or until the gray grows back. Finally, it’s satisfaction guaranteed with a money-back guarantee, so there’s less risk, too! How can you beat that??

Just like I do with any and all fatherhood issues, I try my best. I’m always trying and I’m all about overcoming and being the best father I can be. I’m also all about overcoming the grays, too, with the help of Just For Men AutoStop! C’mon fellas, it’s made just for us.



Now have a good Father’s Day. Look good…and feel good…

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