I’m all about thoughtful, clever, and appropriate gifting. I don’t want a bunch of “stuff” just because it’s my birthday or Christmas. My kids know this and my wife knows this. I’m not being a pain or difficult, I would rather not get something if it’s just a thrown in gesture. That’s why when this past Father’s Day rolled around, I was psyched to see what my family got me. It’s awesome, it’s unique, and it’s packed with gear that I like and will actually use. In other words, this isn’t getting “lost” in my closet. Know what I mean?

The Gentleman In Mind

The gift is The Gentleman’s Carry from A Gentleman’s Trove. A Gentleman’s Trove is a gift box company geared toward men exactly like me. They stray from the cliche and strive to supply the goods guys want. Like me, they want to men to get gifts they will like and use. If that men’s a themed box of 4 dope items instead of 10 junky items, then so be it. I’m all about that, so I’m all about A Gentleman’s Trove. I love The Bearded Gent box in the past, so my family knew that another gift from the Trove would likely be a hit…and this time it was even better.

The Box

A true gentleman is always prepared and The Gentleman’s Carry gets you there, nicely. This is the perfect gift for the man who believes in both style and function. With tried and true classic materials, such as wood, leather, and brass, this collection is for the man who enjoys class and sophistication with his everyday carry. You can even add a personal touch, and get the Opinel No. 8 pocket knife engraved free of charge.

The Goods

The box is great and it’s packing some great, timeless gear. You can see everything in detail here, but here’s a quick list of all the awesome:

  • Leather Orbitkey 2.0 w/ Muti-Tool by ORBITKEY
  • Opinel No. 8 Pocket Knife w/ Bubinga Wood Handle by OPINEL
  • Lacquered Brass Bullet Space Pen by FISHER SPACE PEN
  • Pocket Cahier Journal (Set of 3) by MOLESKINE
  • Everyday Carry Tray by BASTION, LLC
  • Pre-Tied Bow Tie

The Chase

So, you can see that the product is of high quality and they all have that one thread that ties it all together…all of the items are actually something that actually works and is useful!! Hello, imagine that. You have a really great and functional key ring, a world famous knife, a super high quality pen that works however you’d want to write with it, a slick little pocket journal to always have something to jot on, and a great tray to keep it all organized. To top is off…a bow tie for those special occasions when you really want to dandy it up. I like dandy. I like it a lot.

The retail value on this gear is $144 without the tie, so at $114 the box is a deal. Plus, it looks great when it arrives, with really nice packaging and presentation. For me, this gift was a home run through and through. One of the best gifts I’ve received in a while. I’m 2/2 with A Gentleman’s Trove boxes so far, and I have my eyes on at least a couple more. I mean, I would actually practice my golf game if I had this one…then I can justify traveling to all those golf weekends with the boys. Christmas is just around the corner anyway, isn’t it?

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Guy and the Blog LLC received product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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