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Hero Time

When I’m hungry, I’m pretty flexible in what I like to eat, but there some things I like more than others. At the top of my list has to be a nice, fresh hero. Some people call it a sub, some a hoagie, some a grinder, some a sandwich. I just call it delicious and awesome. Think about it, it’s literally a full meal in one easy to dominate package. You have your carbs, your protein, your dairy, your veggies. It’s an amazing work of art. While I like pretty much any and all heroes, I do like some things more than others. At the very top of my list, typically, is a tasty little treat called pork. Pork is awesome, I really just is. There’s so many great things you can make, and pulled pork is one of them. If you’re like me, then you are about to get a little bit more excited than you thought you would be today.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Quiznos, the pioneer of the toasted sandwich, is excited to offer two new ultra tasty and ultra dope BBQ pulled pork sandwiches featuring slow-roasted pork and tasty recipes developed with chefs from the National Pork Board. Yes, you read that correctly, the outstanding sandwich mavens of Quiznos are rocking out with some chef-driven, truly tasty new pork creations…and BBQ no less. Who doesn’t love BBQ?? I don’t know anyone, and maybe you shouldn’t either. But I digress.

The Quiznos BBQ pork lineup starts with a lean cut of pork shoulder that is roasted low and slow for six hours, and then hand-pulled before serving. These limited time sandwiches offer guests two distinctive flavor profiles, but you better get them while the gettin’ is good. Sometimes amazing BBQ pork creations don’t want to stick around to feed you forever. This is one of those cases.

Two Types of Wonderful

I mentioned BBQ you say? Well, yes I did. In case your mouth is watering right now, here’s some more details on the great new Quiznos sammies (yes, some people do call them that):

  • Southern Style BBQ Pulled Pork: Inspired by traditional, southern backyard BBQ pits, Quiznos is bringing back this classic with slow-roasted pulled pork topped with Quiznos’ signature BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and tangy pickles.
  • Spicy Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork: For those who like more heat and meat, this new sandwich is a fusion of slow-roasted pulled pork, ham, smoky bacon, melted, aged cheddar cheese, jalapeños, sautéed onions, lettuce, tomatoes, Quiznos’ signature Batch 83 four-pepper chili sauce, and chipotle mayo on jalapeño cheddar bread.

Both varieties of the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches taste as delicious as they sound. But, pulled pork fans who are focused on staying swimsuit ready through the summer will be glad to know that these and all 4-inch Quiznos subs are less than 500 calories, so this really fits in perfectly with my new healthy and fit lifestyle. More bonus points indeed. Pork – check. BBQ – check. Under 500 calories – double check. Am I in for this on a regular basis – indeed I am.

Quiznos Toasty Points App

As much as I love my BBQ pork, pulled succulently and placed on my choice of fresh bread, I also like being able to acquire my pork fast and with much ease. While I love ordering from, Quiznos’ new mobile ordering feature on its loyalty app is super easy to use and ultra convenient. The Quiznos Toasty Points App Mobile Order FAQ gives you all you need to know. In a nutshell, download this awesome app, quickly order up all your favorites, decide just how fast you want it and how (pick-up or delivery), the quickly pay and get to eating. It’s just that simple, and simple is awesome. Especially when I’m hungry and craving some pork grinders (no, I don’t really call them that, but someone does).

If being able to order all of your food on your mobile device isn’t quite awesome enough for you (it should be), Quiznos launched a new app-based loyalty program called Toasty Points that allows guests to earn and redeem points for free Quiznos menu items at locations across the country. Quiznos fans like myself who download Toasty Points will receive a free four-inch sub with any purchase. Free is for me, especially when it involves tasty treats.

Toasty Points users earn points through Quiznos purchases, linking the app with Facebook accounts and referring a friend who downloads the app. Users will also receive additional points for special occasions, such as birthday rewards. Here’s a quick breakdown of the freebies:

  • You get a free 4” sub for downloading Toasty Points
  • You will receive 10 bonus Toasty Points for signing up with Facebook
  • Use the app to earn rewards, order online, & find locations near you
  • Program is simple, Spend $1 – Earn 1 Toasty Point

You can redeem Toasty Points for rewards:

  • 20 Points = Free Regular Fountain Drink
  • 35 Points = Free Chips & Fountain Drink
  • 50 Points = Free Small Sub
  • 70 Points = Free Regular Sub

As a special bonus for being the smart person that you are, meaning you read Guy and the Blog multiple times a day, you get a special bonus. Just for being you. And for being smart. Enter my special promo code, “GUYBLOG”, in the app for 5 bonus Toasty Points! That’s a home-run if you ask me. You’re welcome.

Toasty Points is available for download on iOS and Android devices at To learn more, click here.

More Info

Well, I think that about sums it up. Pork + Chef-inspired BBQ + Mobile ordering ease + Rewards = a no-brainer, doesn’t it? I’m just loving this whole thing right now. In fact, I think it’s time for another order. Don’t you?

Live Toasty, Eat Toasty my friends.

Quiznos has locations across the United States and 34 countries where it offers creative, chef-inspired sandwiches and salads using premium ingredients. For more information, please visit or Also, be sure to connect with Quiznos on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

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