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A Sanctuary

Let’s face it, with a wife and 3 kids, friends, family and whoever else may be around, there’s just not all that much peace, quiet, or privacy to be had most days. It’s the place where I get a few minutes to myself. Oh yeah, I’m in there reading, listening to music, doing algebra. I do it all in the old steam closet, loving life. It’s a huge part of the house and something that really feels good when done the right way, the way you want it to be.

We are talking remodel, folks. A bathroom remodel is one of the most common home improvement projects. It is an easy and cost-efficient way to increase the appeal of your home. There are so many ways to remodel your bathroom, it can make your head spin. Just as a small sampling, here are 8 Bathroom Design Trends for 2017 for your to take a look at. Get those creative juices flowing now. All set?

Ok, with all that in mind, I know I can’t tell you how to get the job done. What I can suggest to you is that you may want to trust Sears Home Improvement experts to remodel your shower, sink, and more. Sears Home Improvement offers bathroom remodeling services for any budget. Complete your bathroom remodel with new bathroom flooring options, new countertops, vanities, sinks and tubs. Sears Home Improvement provides personalized service with a free in-home consultation. Sears bathroom remodeling experts will work with you to get the bathroom design you want.

Plan It Out

While there are so many factors to consider when replacing your flooring, Sears offers top brands and a free in-home design consultation. Sears highly-skilled installation team will make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Schedule your free, in-home design consultation! The Sears bathroom remodel page is also a treasure trove of fantastic information on everything bathroom. From pointers on DIY Bathroom Remodel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them and 4 Things to Consider re: Bathroom Flooring Options to Choosing a Bathroom Sink and Bathroom Vanity Remodeling and Design Ideas, you can really find a ton of great insights to help you through this process. It’s a big decision, so you need as much information as you can get.

Once you’ve improved your bathroom, all else in life may very well come into place. Wealth, love, fame, it all stems in many ways from having a sweet bathroom. George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates all have amazing bathrooms. Coincidence…probably very much so. Ok, so a bathroom may not do all that, but it will make you feel great, it will really improve your home, and it will make life just that much sweeter. If you can’t take care of yourself and your sanctuary, what can you take of?

Create Your Budget

Now that you have a plan in place, it’s time to talk turkey. Moolah, dinero, cash money. Your budget and what you plan to spend really all depends on you, your needs, and your situation. Take the time out to really plan it all out. The great thing about working with Sears Home Services is that not only are they great professionals, they also really want to give you the best deal so that you can get it all done. Dream bathroom, here you come! Check out these deals!! There are just so many…

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Find Out Even More

To find out even more about all of your flooring options, sign up for an in-home flooring consultation — completely free of charge! 

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