Parents are always searching for ways to save money. It always seems like such an uphill undertaking. Once you become responsible for another human being, it seems money becomes non-existent and you wonder where all of your hard earned income has gone. While raising kids can be expensive, there are some clever ways parents have found to save money. I am going to share those tricks with you today.

Make Internet Search Your Homeboy

Scour the internet anytime that you plan to shop at a specific store. Stores don’t usually broadcast all of their discounts. Many financial savvy parents have figured out where to go and how to find the best discounts when using their favorite internet search engine.

Buy Local Produce

Often times local and fresh produce can be less expensive as a total. Sure most healthier options cost a little more upfront, but you save in the long run as the fresh produce will last longer. Find out where you can buy local produce and make the switch.

Become a DIY Whiz

Many clever parents have figured out that making their own household cleaners, laundry detergent and other similar ‘chemical items’ saves them a significant amount of cash. There are many ways to become a DIY whiz, perhaps check out Pinterest for inspiration.

Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Obviously not having a credit card would be the best option to save money but if you must opt to have one, be sure it’s beneficial to you. Many credit cards have reward systems and cash back options, opt to only use those credit cards to be that parent who gets ‘paid to shop’ so to speak.

Plan Ahead

When you learn to meal plan and keep note of when specific bills are due, you are able to plan ahead to be proactive in saving money. This clever way parents save money involves menu planning options (again search Pinterest for ideas) and using a planner to stay on track of bill due dates.

Free Family Fun

Last, but not least, you can have fun with the family without spending a ton of cash. Indoor camping, outdoor camping at home, playing board games and enjoying a movie night are just a few ways to have free family fun. Stop thinking extravagant and think simple, free family fun.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn how to save money, but it does take some clever, creative thinking skills. Good luck on your venture to start saving money so that you can be more relaxed to enjoy that good ole family time.

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