Meal planning for the busy family is no easy feat! There are the sporting events, the musical events, the school events and so much more. With the return of back to school, the season has been in full swing for quite a few weeks now, many parents are wondering how in the world they can make weeknight meals fast but still maintain proper healthy options. Today I am sharing 5 tips to make weeknight meals fast and healthy so that you can rest easy knowing your kids are fed, happy and healthy while you stress less.

Rock Your Slow Cooker

You seriously must own a slow cooker when you have kids. There’s no denying the ease of use and thousands of healthy meal options that you come when you own this kitchen gadget. There are many brands, makes and sizes of the slow cooker too, select one that suits your family size and needs.

Have a Leftover Night

I’m big on leftovers. Why waste food and why spend extra money when you don’t have to?? When you use a slow cooker or similar device, you will often find there are leftovers. Be sure to wrap up the leftover food from the larger healthy meal nights so that you can have a weeknight grab what you want evening. This is where the family can reheat any leftover in the fridge quickly and enjoy.

Prep in Morning

This is a big timesaver every time and it’s not that huge a deal. If you aren’t on board to have the slow cooker in your house, fine. You can easily prep other weeknight meal options in the morning. This allows your dinner to be ready in the fridge to pull out, pop in the oven and be ready when dinner time rolls around.

Start Collecting Recipes

It’s out there. No really, it’s all over the interwebs. There are tons of recipes that you can start collecting. Rather than using up your printer ink by printing out every single recipe you find, try to create a Pinterest board reserved solely for quick and healthy dinner night ideas. Save it to your computer and just pull it up each night. Be creative.

Be Clever

You know what your family enjoys eating the most, so work your clever mind to build upon those likes. With all of the kitchen gadgets available on the shelves today, you can easily find a gadget that will help curb the time involved in meal planning for your family during busy weeknights.

This will take some practice to work your old habits into new ones, but no worries, you’re a parent – this is easy!

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