Creepy Crawlies

Nature likes to have it’s way, doesn’t it? From grass and tree roots ripping up sidewalks to wind and rain causing damage to your roof every now and again to bugs and other creepy crawlers wanting to come in and make themselves at home. There’s a lot you need to worry about. Take the bug issue – I don’t love having bugs, but it doesn’t keep me up at night. The rest of my family, however, might rather not have food or drink for a week than be confronted face-to-face with some roaches or ants! It’s a huge issue in my house and it’s a constant battle that never seems to end. For the sanity of everyone else in my house (and therefore me, too), I have to keep up with the insect control.

How To Combat Them

There are some very simple ways to prevent too many critters from making a house call. On the outside of your home, clear any old vegetation from backyard and other outdoor areas immediately since dead and dry vegetation is often where you’ll find ant colonies. On the inside of your home, make sure your trash can is closed and clean, and emptied regularly. Also, ants will often find food crumbs below the refrigerator. Make sure these areas are cleaned regularly – especially wiped clean from food crumbs and smudges.

While there is a seemingly endless selection of options and many ways to protect your home, I have found that Combat® Max™ Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray is the best option for not only killing the buggies but stopping them in their tracks for months to come. While the foam really works well at eliminating the “enemy” the real benefit of the spray is how easy it is to use.

Why It Works So Well

If you are a bug spray, you have to be able to kill the bugs, right? Seems simple enough, but there’s more to it than that if you really want to be as effective as possible. First of all, Combat® Max™ Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill really does a fantastic job of showing me where I sprayed while drying up completely invisible. It’s the best of both worlds. Even better, since it’s a foam, Combat® Max™ Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill expands to get into areas where insects hide then kills fast by contact. Finally, and maybe the best part of it, the spray foam even protects your space for weeks after you spray, killing German (small) cockroaches for up to 40 weeks (10 months) on non-porous surfaces. That’s insanely awesome.

Find Out More

Combat offers a number of great products to help you protect your home and keep your family safe and yourself sane! Combat® Max™ Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray is a great one. To find even more, please be sure to check out:

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