Watches make amazing gifts and are the perfect gentleman’s accessory. Why? Well, it’s because they are practical, useful, and can be selected to match your own personal style. Of course, whether you’re a picking a watch out for yourself or for someone else you will want to put some effort into getting it right, especially if it’s something they will wear every day. With this in mind check out my ultimate watch buying guide below for some help with your selection.



A chronograph style watch is an excellent choice for a gift or for something that you will treat yourself to. They are analogue watches, and they differ from other types because they have a stopwatch included in the design.

This is usually integrated into a second dial on the watch and they have a button around the edge that allows you to control the stopwatch quickly and easily. You can get these sorts of watches online, and they are a particularly great choice for those wanting a smart looking watch that can be worn with a business suite as well as out in the evening but want to keep that sporty edge.



A tachymeter watch is also a style of analogue device, and it comes with a bezel that moves separately. This is used for calculations such as average speed, and distance traveled. Something you can find out how to do in more detail here.

This function makes a tachymeter a great selection for a gent that into their vehicle and driving. The reason for this being that it allows them to make their own calculations related to the average speed they can get from their motor.

Pocket Watch


Something else that you shouldn’t rule out when choosing a timepiece is the pocket watch. This is a more traditional watch popularized in the Edwardian and Victorian era.

Instead of coming with a strap and being affixed to the arm they have long chains attached to the top. The reason for this is that they were kept in the pocket of a suit, and the chain was fixed to the garment, allowing the user to pull the watch out of the pocket and check the time without running the risk of losing it.

They come in all sorts of materials like silver and gold, and there are different styles to choose from such as skeleton watches. These are where you can see the cogs and workings inside.

If you are choosing this style of watch as a gift, it also a good idea to get the inside of the case engraved with a message to make it even more personal.  


Fitness Watch

While the other types of watches discussed above are analogue, of course, there are a great many digital watches out there as well. In particular, and something that is proving to be incredibly popular at the moment is the fitness watch.

This is a device that not only tells the time, but also monitors things like the number of steps done in a day, and heart rate. Something that makes it an inspired choice for the sportsman or fitness addict in your life.

Fitness watches do a lot more than just tell the time. The best thing about these sort of watches is that they are well designed too. Something that ensures that they look stylish while being supremely partial timepieces.

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