I am truly blessed to have two awesome sons and a father that’s still around and kicking. There are few things better in life then being able to enjoy those amazing times with your boys and dad. It’s such an essential part of a man’s existence and it’s what really keeps me going each and every day. It’s at the heart of so much we all do, and the relationship between a father and son is especially unique, and it’s one that you probably want to make sure you are looking after as well as possible. Not only is it important for your son’s development as an individual, but you will probably find that it is one of the most important relationships in your whole life too. What’s more, there is a certain bond between a father and son which is different to any other kind of relationship. As the symbol of manhood which they will use for their development, you will be an important force, and it’s good to remember that you hold such an important position. It’s also worth trying to be as close as possible to your son, and there are many ways to do just that.

Bonding Like Men

Above you you are probably keen to be able to bond about the shared maleness of the two of you, and that means finding a way to do so. There are a huge number of activities and so on which you engage in in order to make this happen, and it all depends largely on what you and your son in particular will be likely to enjoy together. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that you find things you can do together which help to improve your son’s understanding of what it means to be a man. As the role model in the relationship, you might at times feel that there is a particular pressure on you to represent the male figure well, and in a sense there is. However, your mark as a father is all in how well you manage to live up to this, and it’s a challenge which is worth taking on. If you get it right, you set up your son for a fuller and more meaningful life, so it is definitely worth thinking about. The more you can bond over this, the closer you are likely to be, and the better off you are both likely to be too as men.

Seeing Yourself As A Role Model

This process of being the role model is not something that everyone takes to in an equal manner. Some men will find it more difficult or stressful than others. Whatever your response to it happens to be, it is natural, and you need to make sure that you do not place too much emphasis on trying to be something you are not. Above all, the good male role model is he who is unashamedly himself, and this is what you need to instill in your son as early as possible. Learning to see yourself as a role model in this way means not trying to act in a certain way but embodying who you are as fully and as completely as you possibly can. In this way, you will be a role model for the same way of being for your son, and he will be much more likely to be himself without a feeling of lack or shame inside him. This is essential for him to grow up in a particularly confident and forthright manner, and it is likely to be something you want to focus on first and foremost in dealing with your relationship with your son.

Developing Common Interests

Even if you sometimes feel that you and your son are quite different from one another, there are always interests which you are bound to share in common. The key really is to focus as much as you can on those interests, and try not to worry yourself too much about the rest. There will always be things which you are able to enjoy together and things which are less likely for you to bond over – and if there were no differences between you at all then there would be little point in having children. However, spending time developing common interests as best as you can and working on spending time together in the pursuit of those interests is always going to be hugely beneficial. Be sure to focus on those above all others – no matter what they might be in your case – and don’t worry too much about what you do not really have in common. This will keep the tone of your relationship positive, and that will be beneficial for the both of you.


Spend Time Together

There is nobody out there who can really tell you what activities are best for you and your son, because there is no other father and son relationship quite the same as yours. However, if you think about some of the more traditional father-son activities, you can often see a particular trend in engaging with your son in a way which encourages the development of a certain male behavior. It’s certainly true that there are particular activities which are likely to lend themselves especially well to you as a father and son team. These might include playing your favorite sports, going camping just the two of you, hunting, hiking, or anything which is physical and can bring you both together in that kind of way. The activities you choose may vary, but the overall idea remains the same, and ultimately it’s all about bonding as two men in the way you find best. Do that, and your relationship will blossom all the more as time goes on.

Share Treats

There are always many occasions to buy gifts, and it doesn’t just have to be birthdays and Christmas. You can treat you son to a gift at any time just for the sake of it, and it is always likely to go down well. When you do buy your son a gift, however, you might want to try and buy him something which really speaks to him both as a man and as the individual that he really is. If you buy the gift with this in mind, you will probably find that it really does make a huge difference to our relationship and to his development as well. The kinds of potential gifts you could buy are really entirely up to you and what you think he would genuinely enjoy and get use out of. However there are also always a number of possible classics options available to you as well. A good example is to buy him a casio zegarki, a classic style of watch which can lend a certain old-world charm to a mn of any age. If your son is of age, you could buy him whisky or his prefered drink. Or anything that you think can relate to the hobbies he has or the activities you engage in together. Whatever you buy, buying him gifts is likely to be a great way to continue bonding, and it’s definitely well worth it.

Listen To Each Other

If there is something that men in a close relationship tend to fail to do, it is to talk and listen to each other. You need to try and do whatever you can to really listen in an active way to your son, and to encourage him to do the same for you. This will ensure that you are much more likely to know what is going on in your son’s life at any one time, and vice versa. If there is anything that keeps a father and son together, it is this, so don’t overlook the apparent simplicity of this essential practice. The more you are able to listen to one another, the better off you will be, and the closer your relationship will be. If at any point you find you are really struggling to listen to each other properly, then you might want to make it a regular thing to sit down and have a good conversation. This is often all that is necessary to ensure you are listening to each other as fully as possible.

Be More Spiritual

Even if you don’t normally consider yourself to be very spiritual, you will definitely find a benefit in focusing on this side of things in your relationship with your son. However you decide to approach it, thinking about and talking about the spiritual matters together is one of the strongest possible ways to really connect. There is something about the spiritual that really brings two people together, especially within a family relationship, and it’s something that is worth developing if you are serious about being as close to your son as you can possibly be. If you don’t consider yourself highly spiritual, and you are not sure about this, that’s fine – but if there is even an inkling inside you that this is the right way to go, you should definitely think about finding a way to make it a reality within your father son relationship. You will be amazed at what this simple act can do to really open up your relationship with your son on a deeper level – and this will change the ordinary material aspect of the relationship in huge ways as well.

Enjoy this special bond, it’s truly one of life’s greatest joys.

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