With the holidays approaching it can be easy to go well off plan, lose fitness and gain weight. For some people, this is great. They love the chance to let go and enjoy themselves without worrying about weight gain or calories. But, for others, they struggle to let go. If you are training for an event, or you just enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle you might prefer to find a way to enjoy the joys of Christmas while maintaining a healthy routine. Here are some ways to get the best of both.


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Long Winter Walks

What could be more magical than a lovely walk in the park in the winter? I love walking all year long. I can walk for hours. City, country, indoors, outdoors, winter, summer. It doesn’t matter, I can go on almost endlessly. But winter? You bet. Head out in the snow or frost and enjoy the gorgeous winter sights. As well as ensuring you get some really excellent exercise, these walks will also help to reduce any Christmas stress you may be feeling. It’s also great for your mind, too…peace works that way.

Smaller Portions

The best way to enjoy the festive foods is to eat smaller portions. Allow yourself to eat everything that you love, even the chocolates and cakes. Just have less. Eat smaller meals, filling up with vegetables, and allow yourself small amounts of all of your festive favorites when you fancy them.

Good Quality Foods

Another great way to enjoy a healthier Christmas is to make sure you feast on high-quality foods such as those from Olympia Provisions. That way you know everything that you eat is made with the best ingredients and not processed or packed with preservatives.

Enjoy Family Time

Head out to the park with your family. Enjoy playing with any new toys the kids have got, exploring, enjoying winter nature or even having a go at a winter scavenger hunt. If it snows, get stuck in having a snowball fight or making a snowman. You’ll be amazed at how many calories you burn just having some fun outdoors, away from screens and technology.

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Tuck into the Sprouts

Of course, enjoying vegetables is always a good thing, and filling your Christmas dinner plate with vegetables will make you less likely to overindulge on other things, but, did you know that sprouts are a bit of a superfood? Unlike other fruit and veg, sprouts continue to produce nutrients after they are picked, so they’re getting better all of the time. They are very high in vitamin C and B; they are full of antioxidants and rich in chlorophyll, which helps to cleanse your blood and detox your systems. Check out some great sprout recipes this Christmas.

Drink Sensibly

I know, crazy, right? But really, it makes a huge difference in so many ways. I barely drink anymore, and it really shows. It’s just better that way on so many levels. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of festive weight gain. If you are going to drink, think about it. Swap to low fat and sugar-free tonics and avoid very sugary drinks like prosecco.

Plan Ahead

You can quickly reduce any extra calorie intake by simply planning your overindulgence. If you know you’ve got a party coming up, eat healthily the day before and make sure you drink extra water. See your calorie intake as a budget. If you want a big night out, save elsewhere.

You don’t need to pile on the lbs to have a great time at Christmas. Unless you want to of course, then go for it, it’s your yearly excuse to pig out! Trust me, you will feel so much better about yourself and the holidays if you enjoy but behave yourself a little bit more this year.

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