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Gaming is fun and it seems to get better and better. From sports, to action, to adventure games the play, graphics, and interactivity seems to improve almost infinitely. The difference in the games of today from the games of my youth are night and day. My kids barely know any better, they think games have always been as amazing as they are today! Who knows what gaming will be like in the future with 3D, virtual reality, and who knows what else? I’m still amazed that you can play with and against people from all of the world…that’s crazy.

Aside from the amazing game play itself, the sound and effects of the games have just continued to get more and more impressive. It all really makes the whole experience pop and almost seem like real life. If the sound isn’t as immersive as it could be then you as a player aren’t taking full advantage of all the time and effort put into making all of these games so dope. When it comes to getting the most from my gaming experience, my family always trusts Turtle Beach.

TURTLE BEACH® is the acknowledged leader in console gaming headsets and gaming audio accessories that are just packed with innovation and features gamers want, as well as amazing game and chat audio quality and comfort. I mean, these outstanding headsets are used by the world’s top eSports athletes and aspiring pro players, along with so many gamers like you and me livestreaming on Twitch and YouTube from the comfort of our own homes.

The TURTLE BEACH® STEALTH 700 and 600 are the latest and best gaming headsets for Xbox One and PlayStation Pro and Playstation 4. Both of these headsets work really well when it’s time to sit down and really get into some game play since they are designed for unmatched comfort and pure competitive advantage with aAmazing sound and crystal clear chat capability.

Ok, on to some details. The wireless headsets feature surround sound, plus an all-new modern style with a flip-up version of their renowned high-sensitivity mic and an abundance of features, including ProSpecs™ glasses friendly design, Superhuman Hearing™, audio presets including Bass Boost and much more. It’s all ridiculously dope. The Xbox One version is the first headsets on the market to have Microsoft’s new Wireless direct to console technology built in!!

I’m sure you’re thinking that this all sounds awesome, but can I really cover the cost of such a device?? Well, I have some pretty good news for you. In addition to getting all of this amazing tech, TURTLE BEACH® redefines wireless connectivity and value for wireless gaming headsets pricing  at an MSRP of only $99.95! That’s a great price for headsets as impressive and state-of-the-art as the STEALH are.

Are you ready to experience these bad boys for yourself???? I know you are, so how about we give someone the chance to win a set! One lucky winner will receive one (1) STEALTH 600 Series Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for Xbox One or Playstation 4!!! Be sure to follow TURTLEBEACH on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to enter. Limited to US and Canada. 


These headphones check all the boxes of what you could or would want in a headset to help you take your gaming to the next level. To find out more about all of the TURTLE BEACH® awesome, check out:

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