Are you ready to roll???? It can be a load of fun driving in a fast, sporty car. The problem for most is the costs associated with those sweet rides. They can be very pricey. Period. You might find that you buy a secondhand car that is no more than a thousand in value. And of course, when you’re older you’ll be looking at a car that’s more sensible with four seats, big enough for the whole family. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a sweet spot where you don’t have the commitments, and you do have the money to afford a car that you’ll love. But for the most part, you will be at a point in life where your car isn’t a prebuilt speed machine, and it is something that’s a little more sensible.

However, that doesn’t mean that your car can’t be fast and a great ride on the road. Here are a few tricks to make sure your car is fast and cool even if it is a little bit of an older banger. Or, for dads, a people carrier. Okay, let’s get started by thinking about weight.

Weighing Down Your Ride

Don’t do it would be the simple piece of advice we’d give you here. It’s not rocket science to think that if your car is heavier it’s going to go slower. That’s just the basic law of physics. This is why if you know anything about the car industry in the modern world you’ll see that designers are somewhat obsessed with using materials to build cars that are lighter and therefore will lead to a faster ride.

Of course, most cheaper cars and more sensible cars are not made of carbon fibre or even magnesium. Nope, they are your typical steel. But, you can still make them lighter by emptying the trunk and perhaps even ripping out the seats, replacing them with something a little lighter. It’s your choice how far you take this idea of course.

Do I Need A Spoiler?

We’ve thrown in one change to your car that won’t make it any faster. Spoilers may look cool, but they’re designed to create an airflow that pushes the back of the car down on the road rather than it taking off like a jet. You really only need a spoiler if you have a car like a Bugatti and you’re planning on hitting 180MPH on the highway.

How About New Treads?

Ah now, this change would certainly be beneficial, and we highly recommend that you do look into getting the best car tires for your vehicle. So where do you find the best tires? Well, a company might suggest that you search our tire catalog and that could be a great place to start. You’ll find lots of different options here, but racing tires will give you a huge surge of speed on the road, particularly in the corners.

Spark Plug Replacement

Finally, you may want to think about changing the spark plugs in your car. This is one of the easiest and perhaps the best way to give it a little more speed. If the plugs are worn out as they most likely will be on an older vehicle, replacing the spark plugs could be the best option.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to transform your car into a sweet speed machine? It’s a ton of fun…as long as you don’t speed too much. It’s not as difficult as you think it would be, right?

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