While parenthood is often depicted as a joyous event where families unite together and get along, happy as can be, there’s often a side of parenthood that goes unnoticed. That time in parenthood where you have gotten barely any sleep for weeks, your child is unruly and in turn, your patience is at an all-time low. This side of parenthood is known as the exhausting side of parenthood and it happens to the best of us.

Today I wanted to share a few tips on how you can enjoy the exhausting side of parenthood so that you live to see another positive day as a parent. I know, I know…but try…even if it hurts.

Keep a Sleep Routine

I am sure the exhausted parent reading this tip will surely reply with a duh type of comment. We all are aware that sleep is necessary and having a sleep routine is even more beneficial but when the kids don’t sleep, how can we sleep? I understand. This is why you need to work hard to figure out a sleep routine that works for your kids and in about two weeks of implementing that, you will find that your sleep routine returns in a way that works for you and your household.

Just Enjoy the Ride

Now, keep an open mind. No, really. Raising kids brings out so much of your internal demons as well as worries about whether you’re doing this right or not. All parents suffer from parental guilt at some point in the years of raising kids. Learn to let go of that guilt and just enjoy the ride. For every difficult phase of parenthood there’s another phase that’s totally beautiful and will make you realize that everything in life passes soon and enjoying the good moments will get you through.

Take Time for You

This is so important, even though it seems like you’d have a better time finding a unicorn eating Doritos on the Moon. When you and your significant other are so focused on raising kids without a break for adult time, parenthood will be more exhausting. Taking time for a weekly date night or being determined that you spend at least half an hour every night with your significant other will truly help you to enjoy the exhausting side of parenthood. Reconnecting as two adults who truly love each other and have goals in life will help you to focus on the positive that resides within your house.


Whether you take time for you and your partner or you develop a sleep routine for every person in your home, the reality is that parenthood is exhausting. There is no solution that will suit everyone’s unique situation but these few tips should help inspire you to enjoy the exhausting side of parenthood no matter what your circumstances may be right now. Sometimes life is tough, but even in the most difficult times there’s a silver lining, right? I’m no Mr. Sunshine, but I’m doing my damndest to try to enjoy my life as it comes, half full or half empty. What other way is there, really?

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