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5 of the Best Pet Products 2021 Edition

by Bill Sweeney
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This best pet products 2021 post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.

Best Pet Products 2021 Edition

Are you looking for the best pet products 2021 has to offer? If so, you came to the right place! Here are 5 of the best pet products 2021 is bringing us right now! These are great products that are a lot of fun that you and you pet will love.

best pet products 2021

Custom Dog Pillow from Petsies

This is a real crowd pleaser in my house for sure! It’s so cute and creative. Custom pillows from Petsies are just so much fun to have around the house. Petsies, from Budsies, creates personalized gifts, including personalized pillows, from your favorite pet photos. Petsies is best known for their custom stuffed animals that look just like your pet and they are all about great gifts for pet lovers!

With Petsies, you can easily create something that’s not only a wonderful keepsake, but a cuddly and affordable pillow of your pet that you can hug anywhere! These awesome pet pillows are hand-made with the highest quality materials and super soft plush. They also come in a variety of designs, so you can personalize your pillow the way you like.  The pet pillows are shaped just like your pet, while the custom photo pillows are throw pillows featuring your pet, their name, and pet quotes! It was really simple to do and the end product is even better than we thought it would be. The kids LOVE cuddling with this pillow and everyone who sees it asks where we got it.

Petsies offers custom plushies, custom pillows, custom keychains, custom facemasks, and more! Remember, they specialize in all pets – dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, pigs, even monkeys! This is easily one of the best pet products 2021 has to offer right now!

Deal Alert

From July 12-July 31 get 15% off all custom pillows using the Discount Code: GuyAndTheBlog

Find Out More

  • mypetsies.com/custom-pillows
  • Facebook: @petsies
  • Instagram: @petsies
  • Twitter: @petsiesofficial
  • Pinterest: @petsies
  • TikTok: @MyPetsies
  • Search #Petsies #petgifts

best pet products 2021

Green Gruff EASE Joint and Hip and RELAX Calming CBD Chews for Dogs

We all love our dogs and want to give them as healthy, happy, and long a life as we can. Green Gruff was created to do just that, making daily supplements formulated with the best quality ingredients. These supplements are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals dogs need to live their best lives and remain healthy and active. It’s all about pet wellness here, people. These delicious pet supplements (don’t ask me, ask your pooch) are packed with 9 essential amino acids and meant to be taken daily for the most impact (use as directed).

Not only are these supplements all about good for your dog, they are all about good for the environment as well. Green Gruff produces these chews with 100% solar power. They also use cricket protein which is packed with nutrients and easier on the environment.

EASE Joint and Hip Chews

Green Gruff with CBD EASE Joint & Hip supplement is about hip pain support for dogs. It’s formulated to target joint, hip, and connective tissue pain to be exact. It’s pretty amazing that natural ingredients like MSM, Turmeric, Eggshells, and Glucosamine can help reduce pain by boosting cartilage repair, reducing inflammation, enhancing joint lubrication, and aiding in tissue repair. This is so great for so many dogs, especially our more senior friends.

RELAX Calming Chews

Green Gruff with CBD RELAX Calming supplement is here to help your dog overcome shaking, nervousness, and anxiety.  A lot of dogs get anxiety, including mine. He can be really excited or really be a bundle of nerves, just like a person. Like EASE, natural ingredients including Organic Ashwagandha Root, Valerian Root, and Organic Chamomile can support calming of the nervous system, promote relaxation, and boost the production of Dopamine, Seratonin, and Melatonin. This will help to relax your pooch and put him (and you) more at ease.

Deal Alert

Get 30% off either RELAX or EASE (90-count) Green Gruff supplements through 8/15 using discount code GGDD30!! Green Gruff offers organic pet supplements for dogs that are all natural, with or without CBD. So great! This is another one of the best pet products 2021 out today.

Find Out More

  • https://greengruff.com
  • Facebook: @greengruff
  • Instagram: @greengruff
  • Search #grufflove

pet products 2021

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner by Lara Shannon from Hardie Grant

If you have a dog, you know it can be very difficult to train them how you would like sometimes. Our dog, Tucker, is a super high energy, super friendly and playful 60-pound muscle of a dog. While he learns pretty quickly, he also needs constant reinforcement in certain things, like not jumping up on people to like their faces! This go-to dog training book by author and dog trainer Lara Shannon is a great help, covering everything from puppyhood until the end of life across three easy chapters (Eat’, ‘Play’, ‘Love’). In Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog), Lara shares her expertise on how to help your dog live their life to the fullest by helping you to understand why dogs do what they do.

The ‘Eat’ chapter covers all you want to know about dog health, diet, and food. The ‘Play’ chapter covers tips on dog training and behavior. The ‘Love’ chapter Lara talks about things to consider before getting a dog as well as how to handle your dog becoming ill or passing away. So…it covers it all, with the hopes of helping you and your pooch live a great life together. We all took a turn reading the book…and had a lot of fun reading then trying to put it all into practice! Such a great book!

If you have a dog (or want one) this is the book to read. It’s available wherever books are sold – Amazon, bookshop.org, and your favorite indie bookstore.

Find Out More

  • bookshop.org
  • Facebook: @hardiegrant + larashannonau
  • Instagram: @hardiegrantbooks + @larashannon
  • Twitter: @HardieGrant + @larashannon
  • Pinterest: @hardiegrant + @larashannon
  • Search #eatplaylove

best pet products

Dog Toys from Multipet

If you have a dog like our dog Tucker, you are always on the hunt for things for him to do and to play with. He needs to be entertained, he needs to play, he needs to chew. He is a super active, fun-loving, crazy kind of dog. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. So when I come across toys that Tucker likes to play with, and can hold up to his vice grip of a bite, I like to share it.

For over 25 years, Multipet has been putting unique design, superior quality, and fun into the world of pet products. These products come from the best ideas and made from the best fabrics and technologies. They are thoroughly tested for safety and durability. And they are fun.

Ball-Head Unicorn

This plush dog toy is just so fun and colorful, Tucker can’t help but be engaged and excited during playtime. The rubber ball in the head with a plush body that squeaks and crinkles is just such an awesome design and combination of fun! It has a soft mane and tail with glittery hooves, ears and horn. Tucker loves tossing this guy around all day long.

Cross-Ropes Duck

I love the look and feel of this toy, and so does Tucker. This rope dog toy is durable, made of ballistic-style nylon with reinforced seams for dogs that are tougher on toys like Tucker. The toy is holding up well so far, and Tucker seems to really like the different textures and built in squeaker! Tucker loves a good squeak toy. Caleb and Tucker love a good Tug-of-War, HAHA!!

These are great toys that are made for dogs that like to toss, tug, cuddle or play gently. They also are a great way to keep your pet stimulated mentally as well as physically by encouraging movement and exercise. When pets and people come together, life gets a little better, say Multipet. I like that and I like that Multipet helps to make that happen. Again, one of the best pet products 2021 right now!


Giveaway time!! I love giveaway time! This giveaway is below (or click here)!! Three (3) winners will receive their very own Standing Lamb Chop®, Globlet (Polka-Dot Pig), and Rope Body Loofa® to enjoy with their loved ones!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Warning: Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. You should inspect this product periodically for damages. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a broken or damaged toy. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible. Intended for pet use only.

Find Out More

  • multipet.com
  • Facebook: @MultipetIntl
  • Instagram: @multipetinternational
  • Twitter: @MultipetIntl
  • Pinterest: @multipet265
  • Search #multipet #dog #Instadog #Pets #dogtoy #dogsofinstagram

pet products 2021

NutrientBoostTM from Solid Gold

If you are on the hunt for holistic and natural pet food for your pooch, they you should take a look at one of the pioneers in the area, Solid Gold. Founded in 1974, Hund-N-Flocken came on the scene sporting real meat, whole grains, and nutrient dense superfoods. While the entire product line is awesome, I really love their NutrientBoostTM Meal Topper for Dogs and Tucker literally eats it up in seconds whenever we give it to him.

Solid Gold NutrientBoost

Solid Gold NutrientBoost is a premium line of delicious recipes with dog plasma meant to improve pet digestion, dog gut health, and dog nutrient absorption. The Meal Topper for Dogs is especially awesome because you just add it to just about anything you’re giving to your dog and they will get all the benefits.

NutrientBoost improves the digestibility of food in both dogs and cats, increasing their overall nutrient absorption and utilization. Delicious NutrientBoost is also packed full of minerals, amino acids, and antibodies to enhance immune response to potential threats. The plasma in there is known to stimulate appetite and increase food consumption in both dogs and cats. Tucker devours this in seconds, so this is easily one of the best pet products 2021 is offering right now!

Find Out More

  • solidgoldpet.com/plasma for info and coupons
  • Facebook: @SolidGoldPet
  • Instagram: @solidgoldpets
  • Twitter: @SolidGoldPets
  • Pinterest: @SolidGoldPets
  • Search #SolidGoldPet

best pet products

Well, that’s about it for these awesome pet products. I think these are really good ones that you and your pets will love and appreciate. Hey, they are part of the family, so we might as well treat them right. You know?


I absolutely love all that BabbleBoxx does! Find out more on BabbleBoxx, check out Facebook (@Babbleboxx), Twitter (@BabbleBoxxTeam), Instagram (@babbleboxxofficial), search #BestForPetsBBxx, and visit BabbleBoxx.com.

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leann July 31, 2021 - 4:43 PM

These are all so great! I had no idea that BabbleBoxx had pet supplies, too. I really love the pillow. Adorable.

Stephanie Stebbins July 31, 2021 - 8:18 PM

These are so awesome. I’ll definitely check them out. Thank you!

Lori T. July 31, 2021 - 9:46 PM

Your pup is so cute! I have really wanted to try out cbd with my three dalmatians, so Green Gruff has sparked my attention. I’d never heard of BabbleBox, but I look forward to getting one for my furbabies. 🙂

Anosa Malanga August 1, 2021 - 2:41 AM

Glad I came over this post. I have been thinking of what to give to my sister’s birthday. I guess I will check this out since she has a dog too. She might like this kind of present.

Ivan M. Jose August 1, 2021 - 10:50 AM

I think my dog deserves some new toys and probably a fresh stash of treats as well. I’ll go check if the items that you mentioned here are available locally.

Super Busy Mum August 1, 2021 - 11:56 AM

These look like great doggie products!

Dominique August 2, 2021 - 12:17 PM

We don’t have a dog (although we talk about it all the time) so I am not aware of what most of these products are. This will be helpful if we ever really get that dog that we have been talking about for years!

Marysa August 2, 2021 - 8:48 PM

These all look like great products! It is nice to have some high quality foods and treats for our furry family members.

Knycx journeying August 3, 2021 - 12:20 AM

Good tips and I would love to try them with my pets at home! I am just looking for some new toys ~ Knycx Journeying

Grasyah [Of Coffee and Crackers] August 3, 2021 - 2:35 AM

these are amazing products! sure nice to have pets around with these items to pet them with..

emman damian August 3, 2021 - 4:13 AM

I love the Custom Dog Pillow from Petsies! My partner will love it. My partner has pets.


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