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Braun cruZer6 Has You Covered No Matter How You Rock Your Facial Hair

by Bill Sweeney

Braun cruZer Beard & Head
Beards are all the rage, right? Everyone seems to be rocking a fresh one. Some tightly trimmed, some long and rustic. It’s become acceptable not only in hipsterville but for the common man. Even though it seems to be everywhere, has it really become the norm, though? Do the ladies really love a bearded man? These are some very important questions, I think we all could agree. Well, it seems that despite the recent popularity of the hipster beard, a new Braun cruzer6 commissioned survey of over 2,000 Americans revealed some interesting findings that may mean men can’t fully go lumberjack just yet.

  • 47% of women prefer to kiss well-groomed stubble or a goatee under the mistletoe
  • 35% of women surveyed said their partner would get a talking to if he looked scruffy and unkempt
  • 41% of American women admitted to having themselves in mind when they bought their partner a shaver this past Christmas to avoid any overly bristly encounters.

Now, if you are a man and are wondering whether to try and grow that beard to see if it suits you, maybe these little tidbits will help you out a bit.

  • 52% of men are planning on spending more time on their grooming routine in 2016 than in 2015
  • 42% of men said getting bits of food stuck in their facial hair is their top inconvenience
  • 22%  find that their beards freeze over in low temperatures
  • 48% of men surveyed said that their beard kept them warm during the winter months

So, whether you are going for the full monty, the simple goatee, or something else entirely, I have the product for you. For real…this thing is awesome and it makes a big difference. Grooming time is a whole lot quicker, easier, and productive.

The Braun cruzer6 is the latest product for men who want to express themselves, their style and their attitude through their grooming. Like the rest of the cruZer product range, the Braun cruZer6 beard&head Trimmer/Clipper gives men a cool, distinctive look that stands out from the crowd and intuitive features that allow them to unleash their individuality and shave their style. Itʼs the perfect grooming product for men who dare to be different, for those who donʼt compromise and want their style to be versatile.

Here’s just one of many Braun videos to show you how you can use the cruZer6:

For more videos, check out this link.

The versatility of the cruzer6 is really what I like the most. It offers a wide range of facial and body styling and electrical grooming appliances that includes:

  • Braun cruzer6 beard&head: With its special click & lock functionality, the adjustable comb stays firmly in place allowing you to trim your hair to the exact length you desire
  • Braun cruZer6 precision: Featuring a trimming head with extra-fine teeth, this versatile styling tool gives you the freedom of customized precision work
  • Braun cruZer6 body: Offering a 2-in-1 benefit, this cleaver gadget can change easily from a trimmer to a shaver at the touch of a button – making messy body hair a thing of the past
  • Braun cruZer6 face: This sleek 3-in-1 shaver, styler and trimmer turns any facial hair into a stylish beard, giving you a close shave, neat trim or defined edges
  • Get the Braun cruZer6 range today, available at retailers nationwide, Braun.com, and Target.com.

I’m clean shaven now, but I know the beard will come back…and I will have this in my arsenal when I’m trying to keep it looking sharp.

To find out more about the Braun cruzer6 and all of Braun’s great products, please check out:

Guy and the Blog was given product for the purpose of this review. All awesomeness is my own.

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