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Alexa, I Need a Haircut

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alexa Skills for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everything is tech and tech is everything. Ok, so maybe not everything, but it’s becoming pretty close. Even Supercuts is tech! Now, finding Supercuts locations or “Supercuts near me” is so easy, you just have to ask!! Of course, I’m talking about the amazing Alexa, here to save the haircut day!! We are all just beginning to see how cool and powerful “she” is as she seems to interact with more and more companies, become integrated with more and more products, and develop more and more skills. And now your grooming routine just got a little bit easier with the Opensalon skill on Amazon Alexa! You can book an appointment with a Regis-owned salon brand (Supercuts, Cost Cutters, SmartStyle Hair Salon located inside Walmart and other regional salons)!!!

Just say, “Alexa, I Need a Haircut” and you will be all set. Yep, getting your haircut appointment and finding the nearest Supercuts location is just that easy.

It’s just so easy to book an appointment with Alexa Skills, it’s awesome!! There’s no more looking for locations, calling around to for open times, or trying to find availability for the day! With a couple of quick sentences, Alexa and the Opensalon app has you covered and ready to rock! While this may not be life changing, it’s just something that makes the little things in life that much easier and that much more enjoyable. It’s actually kind of fun for me, too. It’s like living in the Jetsons! Who would have thought I can speak to my phone or speaker in my house and have a haircut booked for me!!! This is just about as perfect as it can get for busy families or last-minute beauty needs. I am all about this and I think you would love using it, too.

Opensalon Skill Is Easy

As with most of the skills that Amazon’s Alexa can perform, the Opensalon skill is fast, easy, and effective, too. You simply say a number of commands, the easiest of which is “Alexa, I need a haircut.” The skill will give you the next available appointment time for the salon closest to you. If you want to go at that time, simply say “Yes.” If not, simply say “No” to make changes. Once you confirm an appointment, you will receive confirmation with the address and time of the appointment. With thousands of locations across the country, a salon will be ready and waiting for you!

Book Your Next Haircut with Alexa

If you are in need of a cut, color, or style, I think you should really try out the Opensalon Alexa skill to book an appointment for you and your family at a Regis-owned salon brand (Supercuts, Cost Cutters, SmartStyle Hair Salon located inside Walmart and other regional salons)!! It’s fast, it’s simple, and it works really well. To find out more, be sure to enable the Opensalon skill in your Alexa app. Simply open the app, search “Opensalon” and enable it!!! It’s a great experience with skilled and professional stylists! Be sure to get that hot towel at Supercuts when you are done!!!

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Going Natural, Going Native

Native Deodorant - on sink

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Native. All opinions and love are my own.

Going Natural

Natural. It’s a word that people talk about a lot more these days than in the past. Society had gotten so far away from natural in so many ways, that people needed to swing the pendulum back the other way. From food, to home, to personal care, I think that many people are like me, much more conscious of where my products come from and how they are made. Of course, along with all of this, we would still love all of the modern day conveniences and “creature comforts” we all know and enjoy. Believe, me, I’m not going back to the days of hunting and sleeping outside under the stars anytime soon!!

Native Deodorant - flatlay

Feeling Good and Safe

One area that has gotten a lot of attention is the personal care industry. We want to take care of ourselves but in a way that’s good for us and for the world around us!

Native Deodorant is all about good. They want to make products that work, but they don’t want to use anything that’s not good for you. The brand never uses aluminum, parabens or sulfates in any of our products, and vet each ingredient to ensure it is safe and effective.

They also want their products to not only be safe for you to use, but also for out furry little friends, too. Native never tests on animals, only people that are more than happy to volunteer! You can read more about their stance here.

Finally, Native Deodorant was designed in California and is manufactured in the United States.

These three super important components in the Native process really gives me confidence in the product as well as pride in using it. How it’s made and where it’s made is important to me, and Native checks off all of the boxes.

Native Deodorant - ingredients

Getting Results

I’m a sweater. No, I’m not a warm piece of clothing of which my wife has too many of. No, I’m a person that tends to perspire. A lot. Now, I’ll be honest here, I don’t really smell all that much when I sweat. However, if I am sweating, I want to make sure I’m smelling fresh! I have to say, when I started using Native, I wasn’t sure it would work. I have tried natural products in the past and the results were a bit underwhelming. Well, Native made a believer out of me, this stuff works.

Native body wash - man holding

Pleasant Scents

I love the scents, they are light, fresh and pleasant. They are not overpowering. I want to smell nice, but I don’t want everyone in the room to know where I am at all times, if you know what I mean. The Eucalyptus & Mint and the Citrus & Herbal Musk are really both very nice.

Working Cleanly

Native does a fantastic job of keeping me smelling fresh. What I also noticed is that I no longer get any burning sensations when I use this product. While not every deodorant would make me “feel the burn,” many would and I never really knew until I tried it at home…and had to trash it soon after. Native just doesn’t irritate, at all. Those natural ingredients really do the trick and work like they are meant to. I guess not having parabens, aluminum, and who knows what else really does make a huge difference.

Native Deodorant - man shelfie in target aisle

No Mess

One other thing I noticed it that, in addition to not sweating as much, if I did sweat, my white undershirts never discolored. Again, this must be because of the better ingredients in the product, but it’s really fascinating to see the results. My shirts stay newer longer, and I’m all about that. It’s just another added bonus that I never really thought about or anticipated.

Native Deodorant - one table


Find Out More

Native creates awesome products that everyone can love and enjoy! You feel good, you smell good, and you know your re doing some good, too. It’s a win all around, right? They offer a whole line for both men and women. There’s deodorant, toothpaste, bar soap, and body wash! Natural, all clean and fresh, and all amazing. I am hooked on this brand.

You can find Native products online, and at Walmart and Target!! To find out how you can go native too, be sure to check them out online at:

Native Deodorant - on Target shelf

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Get Close and Comfortable with the Best Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver shaving

Shaving Time

While I can’t speak for all mean, I would be willing to put down a pretty good bet that shaving is one of the least pleasureable parts of his day. I know that’s the truth in my case at least. It kills your face and it’s time consuming. It’s just a necessary evil we have to deal with. Maybe that’s why beards have made such  a strong comeback?! Maybe if shaving time was easier, then it would’t be as annoying a process for most of us?

It’s Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie

There are a lot of guys that love to use electric shavers, as it cuts down on a lot of the hassle involved in shaving. No cream is a nice thing. But what about having a shave as close as a blade. What about redness and burning? Wet or dry shaving? It really all depends on how good a shaver you use. As with so much in life today, there are so many options to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to really know what works best.

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige

While there is a sea of electric shavers out there in the world, there can only be one that can claim it’s the best. I’ve checked out a lot of devices and the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver is Philips best shaver and maybe the best electric shaver on the market today.

Why It’s So Good

There are ton of great features and awesome innovations packed into the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric ShaverThis beautiful tool offers the ultimate in closeness and skin comfort and sports Philips’ closest shave, with a reduction in redness and burning. You can also shave dry or use water, foam or gel for even better gliding and a smoother skin feeling. OK, I’m going to get a little geeky here, but I’m psyched to tell you about these sick features.

NanoTech Precision Blades

I love that this shaver has sharp, durable NanoTech precision blades that are strengthened with thousands of nano particles that cut hair with the highest precision, delivering an extremely close shave at skin level. It’s amazing tech that leads to amazing results!!

ContourDetect Heads

Another great piece of engineering are the ContourDetect heads. The heads move in 8 directions to follow every contour of your face, even catching hair in hard-to-reach areas like the neck and jawline. Shaving heads are surrounded with SkinComfort rings, which have a special protective coating so the shaver glides smoothly over your skin. This pretty much means that you get effortless shaving by following the contours of your face and neck.

BeardAdapt Sensor

All of this leads to a highly efficient shave even on a longer (up to seven-day) beard. Effortlessly shave off even a dense beard. The BeardAdapt sensor checks hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaver to your hair. This is huge for someone that may or may not work from home…and may or may not like shaving every day.

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver blades close

SmartClick Precision Trimmer

Once your beard is all set, finish your look with the skin-friendly SmartClick precision trimmer. It is ideal for maintaining your mustache and trimming your sideburns, so you can take care of your whole look with one awesome shaver. This Philips Norelco electric shaver has three settings and an attachable trimmer to maximize styling options.

Battery Wonder

The battery may be one of the most convenient and impressive features of the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver! Life is that much easier knowing that not only do you get up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving per full charge, but the high-capacity battery also fully charges in as little as 1 hour. When those 60 minutes are close to bring up, the battery indicator shows when it is time to recharge your shaver. Top all of that off with Qi Charger wireless charging.

Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige Qi-Charge Electric Shaver box

Find Out More

It pretty much has all the bells and whistles a guy could hope for in an electric shaver. Best Buy has exclusivity on this latest shaver from Philips Norelco – first of its kind with a Qi charging base – coming to stores soon!!

Check out for more!!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

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Fashion & Grooming For The Kids

Taking Care of Teen and Tween Boys

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant - before use

Teen and Tween Boys

It can be tough being a young man. There are a lot of things going on, both physically and mentally. Schoolwork, athletics, and relationships with friends and family are all changing, almost at once. It’s a lot to take in and deal with and Some changes are big and some are relatively small, but I feel like there may not be as much support out there as many kids really need.  I have an 11 year old boy in Middle School right now…with a 5 year old growing up quickly. It’s something I have to worry about. I know how tough it all can be.

Take the basics, boy’s hygiene, for example. There is an almost complete lack of products targeting tween/teen boys out today. It’s really hard to find. How can this not be something that’s addressed in the market??

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant - in the bathroom

Starting with the Basics

I just mentioned good, basic hygiene as being something very important for boys that really needs more time and attention. Confidence starts with good hygiene. While hygiene and body odor might not seem like the frontline in the struggle for independence, it’s the point where physiological changes meet philosophical ones, where tangible problems (i.e., dirt and smells) meet the desire for kids to make decisions for themselves. I’m really pleased to have found a brand out there that is looking out for our boys and trying to help out with just that!!

Prep U

I’m all about this brand Prep U!!! Prep U provides boys something that girls have had for decades which is products that they can grow with that help promote self confidence. It aims to enable tweens and teens to have positive self images and to provide choices for parents and boys that are both age appropriate and empowering at this critical stage of development. I’m all about this for Liam. I think this is really important and something that can make be a huge positive for him as he wades his way to tween-dom and middle school then teen-dom and high school!

This is a brand that always lets boys be boys. They go wherever they want to go whenever they want to go. They never (until now) care about how the look, smell and feel. Prep U gives them the ownership of their own bodies and start becoming the men they and we want them to become. Meanwhile, they feel great about it because everything works and we feel amazing about it because they love being clean, refreshed and revitalized so they can do it again tomorrow.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant - product on sink

The Products

Inspired by active tween and teen boys, Prep U offers a suite of safe, effective and age-appropriate body-care products designed specifically for the boys who turn any activity into a contact sport. Prep U’s suite of products are the perfect antidote to smells of boyhood, offering parents natural, high-quality products they can trust and kids a line of products that celebrates their growing independence.

Charcoal Deodorant

The first (and favorite) product of mine and Liam’s has to be the awesome Charcoal Deodorant!!! Let’s be honest, Liam definitely has a fight on his hands when it comes to his body odor. I’m just being honest. What can I say?  This great smelling and very effective deodorant really does the job helping Liam get through the day not sticking up the joint!! The scent is really crisp and fresh and Prep U’s pure essential oil scent, Citrus Mint, keeps him fresh and clean without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Top Ingredients

I love that it not only works, but it is made with only high quality natural ingredients Made in the USA! That’s important for me and it’s even more important for me with regard to my children. The wonderful ingredient list includes Including jojoba oil, shea butter, neem tree, candelilla wax, arrowroot powder, silk powder and beeswax with pure essential oils!! The reformulated charcoal deodorant does not leave any streaks on clothing or skin.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant - success

Safe, Effective, and Only The Best

All of Prep U’s products are safe and effective and they won the 2018 Eco Excellence Award Winner for Best Skincare for Kids becuase of it!! They are dermatologist tested and designed to be safe and effective for preteen and teen boys. The activated charcoal binds to draw out odor-causing bacteria and toxins keeping them fresh and odor free.

I also love that Prep U’s products are formulated and Made in the USA (Austin, Texas). The charcoal deodorant is Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, contains No GMOs and or Baking soda. The brand is also Leaping Bunny Approved and cruelty free, with no animal testing used in production.

Find Out More

It’s a brand you can rely on and believe in, that get’s the results you need! If Liam is loving life, then so am I!!! Find out more by checking out Prep U at:

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and love are my own.

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Run with the BIG DOGS this Christmas

Big Dog Sportswear - dad and sons

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Big Dog Sportswear. All opinions are my own.

Finding the Perfect Gift During All the Holiday Cheer

Ahhhhh… the holiday season. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time that’s filled with glad tidings and good cheer. All of the parties, dinners, time with loved ones, and laughs. There’s really nothing missing, right? It’s an awesome time of the year. The only issues I ever really have is the whole getting out there to shop and get gifts for people. Man, this can be so tough sometimes. Everyone is so different, and I really love to find gifts that are relatable and personal for each person. Why else get a gift, right??

Are you in the same boat as me? Are you looking for a Christmas gift that your friends, family, co-workers, and Kris Kringle will love? Would you want this gift to be something that’s classic and timeless? Do you want something that looks cool and feels good? These are important questions, but difficult to answer most of the time (at least for me it is). I have a thought for you, and I think you’re going to like it. This year, I think its time to run with the BIG DOGS!!!

Big Dog Sportswear - under Christmas tree

Big Brand, Big Fun

BIG DOG is about fun and iconic style that just never goes out of style. It’s also about looking good and feeling good, baby!! Seriously, this has been one of my favorite brands for decades! I can’t believe so much time has passed since I first discovered it!! I loved Big Dog when I was a kid and I love the brand even more now!! The awesome graphics and the All-American feel really just keep me coming back time and time again!!

I love the brand. I love the dog and I love the all-American images and themes! From classic cars to American flags to the beautiful Bald Eagle, the images on the Big Dog gear really gets me fired up!! I can’t get enough of it. And neither can my boys. They love getting matching tees with great graphics… and wear them every day! I can’t lie, I love when they match! I even try to match, too, but getting it close is good enough for me! Thankfully, the clothes are made well and sell at a great value, so the family clothing budget isn’t blown away with all the wear they get out of these clothes! It’s the perfect present for all of us!

Quality, Value, and Fun…For Everyone

I love to purchase Big Dog Sportswear because you get HIGH quality, reasonably priced active wear and accessories for men, women, and children of ALL ages. Whether you’re short, tall, big, or small- Big Dog is for anyone and EVERYONE! Big Dog is more than just an emblem, it represents the leader, athlete, child, comedian, musician, boss, traveler, dog lover, adventurer, etc., in EACH of us!!! It’s everyday clothing that just works, every day.

From blankets to pens to shorts to shirts, you can really get something great for just about anyone on your Christmas list; plus, there are always great prices and values to be had!! For example, right now, you can get a free blanket ($30 value) when you purchase $100 or more on!! Sure, the clothes are dope, but wait until you wrap yourself in one of those super soft, ultra-warm blankets, baby! You can be sure you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck when you purchase Big Dog Sportswear.

Big Dog Sportswear - dad and sons decorating Christmas tree

Quite a Pedigree (get it)

Created in Santa Barbara, California, the awesome Big Dog collection of graphic tees, lifestyle apparel and accessories reflects the activities and sports popular in California and across the country. Based on the recipe Quality-Value-Fun, Big Dogs’ unique products are now exclusively available online at It’s quick, it’s easy, and the selection is massive!! In addition to sports, humor, attitude, hobby, and occupation themed graphics, there are graphics that poke fun at famous people, current events and pop culture. There’s a little something for everyone.

Go online now and see for yourself. I’m pretty confident that you will find something you love that you know someone you love, will love. That’s a lot of love, man. A lot.

Big Dog is nostalgic. Check!

Big Dog is American. Double Check!

Big Dog is YOU. Checkmate!!

Big Dog Sportswear - All American

Find the Big Dog:

  • Instagram: @bigdogsportswear
  • Twitter: @bigdogclub
  • Facebook: @BigDogSportswear 
  • Search: #BigDogClub
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Pure and Simple, the Way It Should Be

Ivory Soap wash in swim bag with girl

A Good Life

Life is blissful and fulfilling for me. I’m very lucky because I can say that and mean it. Having a loving family  with a wife and 3 kids, plus a business of my own, is great and there is never a dull moment. The days are filled with plenty of entries on my to-do list, from soccer practice to dance class to date night to blog posting. While the best things in life may not always be free, I’d say they are often pure and simple. Moments of calm and peace can sometimes feel unattainable, but they are welcome when they come around. Finding both little and big things to help manage the calm and the manic is essential. These little things can come from sometimes unexpected sources, too. For example, Ivory Soap can help simplify your everyday routine with your family so you can focus on the big moments. That’s why I’m so pleased to be partnering with Ivory to talk about why pure and simple is always a good idea!

Ivory Soap bar boy washing hands

Keep It Simple

Don’t make everything so complicated. KISS and all that, it makes sense if you think about it. Take summer vacation for example. Maybe the kids don’t have to go to camps every single week. Just let them pop in on their friends, run errands with you, or just do nothing at all. It’s ok, really.

How about when you go on vacation, don’t plan every little detail. Leave time for actual exploring! Some of the absolute most memorable times we have had as a family on vacation was when were just roaming around Madrid or even Disney World. You can do it, believe me. I’m not saying not to plan ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING!

When everyone is home on a random Tuesday night any time of the year, maybe try grabbing the family, shooting down to the closest beach or lake with just you and your swimsuits and just hang out until the sun goes down. It’s the most magical time to be on the water, man. It’s priceless. There are so many ways we can just tone down what we do and how we do, just in the spirit of keeping things a bit more…simple.

Ivory Soap bar hands washing close up

Trusted Generation After Generation

As much as we may try to simplify, we still tend to have a lot of…stuff. You know what I mean. There’s just a lot that we tend to “need” in today’s modern world. From central air conditioning to dishwashers to cars with back up cameras. When you look for products to use in your home, I bet you trust the experiences you have had in the past. Or maybe you do your research using trusted resources. If you’ve done your research, you know Ivory products are made pure to give parents peace of mind. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about, right? Washing up in the morning, clean-up after practice, and bedtime baths are easy when you know what products you can trust. How could you not trust a product that’s literally been around for 138 years based on its purity, right??

I believe in Ivory’s trusted value and have for so many years. I’ve used these products since I was a kid and now I don’t hesitate to use them for my own kids. It’s easy to make better choices for your family, every day with something that provides a pure, gentle clean for the entire family. I mean, Ivory created the first soap that was 99.44% pure. We all know that famous number. It’s iconic for all the right reasons but the best part is that Ivory continues to make safe and gentle products for the whole family today, even after all this time has passed.

Ivory Soap bar and wash closeup

Ivory Products

The Ivory Bar Soap may have a new (beautifully classic) look, but it’s the same 99.44% pure soap, free of dyes and heavy perfumes. The Ivory Clean Body Wash is free of dyes and heavy perfumes as well.. Whichever product your family loves to use, they both reflect over 130 years of experience creating gentle products the whole family can trust. Count on it.

Ivory Soap bar floating in tub with happy boy

The History

Ivory soap is one of America’s most historic, iconic brands. It’s easy to see why. Starting 138 years ago with a floating bar of soap, Ivory was the original gentle family brand you could trust. It’s a name, a product, and a brand just about everyone knows. That’s something amazing. When Ivory continues to uphold the standard of using only pure & purposeful ingredients in its products, people tend to notice.

Get More of the Pure

Times have changed since 1879, but more than ever consumers need brands that are safe and gentle enough for their family. People need this type of comfort in their ever more busy lives. Spend more time on the things that matter most. Find out even more about Ivory here:

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Fashion & Grooming Father's Day

Get Dad the Best in College and Pro Sports Gear This Father’s Day Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Thank you Lids for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Lids, all opinions expressed here are my own. I just love talking about getting the best gear for dad this Father’s Day! I mean, who doesn’t love a baseball cap or team jersey? Am I right? If you are looking for the perfect gift for dad this year, I have to share something with you.

Finding the perfect gift for the dads in your life is never an easy task. So this year Lids developed the 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide to make your life just a little easier. It includes great gift ideas for the sports fan dad, fashion-forward dads, techie dads, and everything in between!  I mean, any and every dad loves a good baseball cap. MLB Father's Day 2018 sale

Lids Has the Goods

Just think about this, offers the largest online inventory of college and professional sports hats and apparel, along with top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Era, Kangol, and Zephyr headwear. Everybody either went to college, or follows a college or professional sports team, right? Well this is the absolute BEST place to get the gear you need to support your local team or alma mater. And you know it’s the best place to get the best Father’s Day gifts, right??

Lids is always getting a ton of new arrivals, so you will always be able to get the latest and the greatest for you and for your kids! You can even get really creative and fancy with Custom Zone options…really make it personal for dad!

Let’s Go Mets (or whoever you root for)

I love baseball and so do my boys. It’s my favorite sport and I love checking out a Mets game at Citifield. Lids makes it so easy to get the gear for me and my boys to show up at the game looking good! If you want to get a little something more than MLB, you can even score 50% off Select NBA Player Apparel! Swish.

Of course, if you just can’t choose, a gift card is always the perfect option to let dad decide. June 18th is just around the corner, so don’t wait. Use our gift guide to find your inspiration and get a great gift for dad from Lids today! Buy now and get free shipping if you spend $50 at!!!

Get Social with Lids

  • Twitter @lids
  • Facebook @Lids
  • Instagram @lids
  • Pinterest @Lids
  • Search #LidsLoyal and #Lids4Dad
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Outdoor Performance, Everyday Comfort

Garmont shoe hiking mountainside

The Great Outdoors

Are you a person that loves the outdoors? Hiking, running, biking, and any and everything else that let’s you get outside and feeling good? It can be really difficult trying to keep track of it all. We all want footwear that is rugged that works well and stands up to the elements. The key, however, is that along with all this utility, I’d love to have a shoe the looks great and feels great, too. And maybe you can even get all of that at a fair price with some good value! We don’t have time for that same old, bulky hiking boot!

Garmont Tikal-Beige

New Tikal Collection

Designed for the active consumer looking for a comfortable shoe for adventure travel and everyday use that goes way beyond the traditional hiking boot. the Tikal offers a fresh design and a natural feel thanks to high quality leathers and a unique construction. Worn with or without socks, the Tikal is the perfect shoe for transitioning to Spring and Summer or as an alternative to sandals. These babies are comfortable, supportive, and built really well. Plus, they are super comfortable.

The Tikal shoe features a one-piece reversed leather upper with the sueded side facing out and the full grain side facing in as the liner. This construction offers for an unparalleled feeling of comfort and breathability. Coupled together with a cork lasting board and a cotton-lined coconut hair footbed; the combined result is exceptional breathability making the Tikal an ideal choice for travel or leisure time activities. These babies sport an the amazing Michelin® Cross Terrain outsole with OC (Outdoor Compound) to really keep you grounded.

The Tikal is available in two color options for women (grape and sand), and men (navy blue and beige). The Tikal is also a tremendous value and great price point at $150. These are my new all-day every-day shoes.

The Company

Founded in 1964, the Garmont brand has always been headquartered in the Montebelluna sportsystem district in Northern Italy near the Dolomite Mountains. We push the limits of Italian design incorporating cutting edge materials, functional technologies, and unique innovations. All of our new projects start with an accurate study of how the foot performs in a specific outdoor activity. Then we carefully sculpt appropriate foot shapes that deliver performance and comfort. The shoe is carefully positioned to ensure foot stability, to eliminate pressure points, to improve flexibility and reduce unnecessary weight.

Garmont shoe by river

Find Out More

Available now at retail stores and online at Also, check Garmont out on Instagram and Facebook, or search #StayWild.

Guy and the Blog received sample product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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