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The Artemis Fowl Series are Good Books for Tweens

good books for tweens

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Good Books for Tweens

Finding good books for tweens can be a real challenge. A tween is a tough age, so it makes sense that a tween book would be a difficult thing to write as well. One series that my tweens, teens, and even mees (get it…me…) loves is the Artemis Fowl book series by Eoin Colfer. This book series checks all of the boxes for what my kids and I want in a book. These books are fun, clever, packed with laughs, and sports some great characters. Artemis Fowl is simply fantastic and meant to hold the interest and the imagination of  kids ages 9-12. But, in my opinion, it really works for kids a little bit younger and little bit older, too!

tween bookThe Fowl Twins

On November 5th, Eoin Colfer returns to the world of Artemis Fowl with The Fowl Twins! With all the hallmarks that made the Artemis Fowl series so popular, this hilarious spinoff adventure stars Artemis’ younger brothers, along with a nefarious nobleman, a shadowy nun, and a fairy intern, and a maverick troll.

The Fowl twins–scientist Myles, and Beckett, the force of nature–are left in the care of house security (NANNI) for a single night. This happened one week after their eleventh birthday! In that time they befriend a troll who has clawed his way through the earth’s crust to the surface. The troll is being chased by a nefarious nobleman and an interrogating nun, who both need the magical creature for their own gain, as well as a fairy-in-training who has been assigned to protect him. The boys and their new troll best friend escape and go on the run. Along the way they get shot at, kidnapped, buried, arrested, threatened, killed (temporarily), and discover that the strongest bond in the world is not the one forged by covalent electrons in adjacent atoms, but the one that exists between a pair of twins.

good books for tweensThe Author

Eoin Colfer is the author of the New York Times best-selling Artemis Fowl series and Ireland’s laureate for children’s literature in 2014. The author lives with his wife and two sons in Dublin, Ireland. Best thing yet, he”s there right now working on the next Fowl twins novel!!

Enter To Win

Are you ready for a really FOWL EVENT??? Embark on a new adventure featuring fairies, trolls, and the Fowl family. Get ready to enjoy those night time reads with your tweens again!!

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The Fowl Twins Book Prize Pack

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tween bookFind Out More

This fantastic book will be online and in stores November 5, 2019!! Published by Disney-Hyperion, this is a must-read for my family. I think it could be for your family as well!!

You can learn more about The Fowl Twins:

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As a bookseller, this is one of my FAVORITE series to recommend. It works for the ravenous reader AND the reluctant reader. There is no inappropriate content, and is great for the younger kids that are on a higher reading level, and older kids that may be below their reading level.

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