Feeling Safer When at Home

safety at home
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Safety at Home

When with your family, feeling safer at home is just so important. When thinking of ways to handle this, it can make your head spin searching for home safety products. There are just so many choices; it really helps to have some support in making these important decisions. Feeling more secure in my home is an absolute priority for me, as I’m sure it is for you. My home is a place of fun and joy. It’s a place where family and friends come to break bread and celebrate. It’s a place of sanctuary from a crazy day. Home is where my family lays their heads down to sleep at night. It’s #1 on so many levels and in so many ways. The importance of preserving that feeling of safety and fun cannot be understated.

home safety products

One of the first, and most important, items in everyone’s home safety lineup has to be door locks and deadbolts. It’s the first line of defense in seeking safety at home for you and your loved ones. But with so many seemingly good options out there, how can someone like me or someone like you know how and what to choose? It’s a big decision to make. My family is my life and it’s far and away more important than anything else in this world.

When I’m looking to feel safer at home, I look for deadbolts and door locks with the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label. It just makes me feel better about the security of my family and home.

BHMA Certified Secure Home

BHMA Certified SecureHome

What makes this designation so special? BHMA Certified® locks and deadbolts are vigorously tested in the three areas most important to you: Security, Durability, and Finish. Security measures how well a lock or deadbolt can withstand impact; Durability measures how well a lock or deadbolt functions after repeated, long-term use; Finish measures how well a product can survive various environmental elements.

Why is this important? It’s pretty much what makes locks and deadbolts do their jobs, and look good while doing it! Feeling safer in the home starts here, in so many ways. A lock that looks good but doesn’t do a great job of making you feel secure in your home isn’t really a great investment. Neither is a product that won’t last for very long before breaking down. The ratings system seeks to help consumers answer these important questions and more easily recognize how well a product performs in each important category. What are the most important things to you?

BHMA Certified Secure Home

Good, Better, Best Rating System

So what’s so great about the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label? Well, it’s a clearly defined way of evaluating the three most important considerations when choosing a door lock or deadbolt that makes you feel more secure. The ratings take into consideration Security, Durability, and Finish, and how well each product performs in each category.

Each category receives a rating of C (good), B (better) or A (best). Rest assured, no matter the combination, you know your BHMA Certified® lock is tested and superior to other locks. I love that I can use the label to really pick the right products for each application, such as my front door, my bathroom door, and wherever else I may be in need of a replacement lock or deadbolt. Choose a rating combination that makes sense for you and for each application. A powder room lock won’t have the same requirements as a front door for me, but it may for you.

One thing is certain, a product that’s been evaluated by the BHMA – rated, and labeled accordingly – is important to me. I feel that I would be doing my family a disservice if I didn’t take advantage of this information.

safety at home

Find Out More About BHMA

The proof is in the pudding! If you are looking to replace any of the products we have talked about here, or if you re simply ready to find out more about the home safety products out there, visit your local big box or hardware store and look for the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label on locks and deadbolts! This is a new label designed to help consumers purchase certified locks!!

You can also find out more online by liking BHMA on Facebook, Choosing Your Ratings Combination, and checking BHMA out on YouTube!

home safety products

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11 replies on “Feeling Safer When at Home”

I actually feel pretty safe at home because all of our doors and windows have alarms on them – and if opened they will say DOOR or WINDOW open. Granted if that were to happen unexpectedly, I might FLIP out – but it’s still good to have it! haha!

I don’t have dead bolts on my doors at home so this is something I need to look into. These are great products you’ve mentioned.

We have dead bolts on our doors. It just makes us feel more secure. I have to re-check our other locks and probably have more safety features installed on our windows too.

I have’t heard about this before, but I can tell you that there is nothing more important than my family’s safety, especially when we are at home. I’m going to check it out.

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