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The Gentle Parenting Technique

by Bill Sweeney
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The gentle parenting technique is an innovative approach to parenting that combines old and modern parenting techniques. The result is a gentle, yet effective way of raising children.

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Striking a Balance

There are many ways you can gentle your parental technique with your child without resorting to violence or humiliation. Instead of punishing bad behavior with shouting, you could punish with silence. Instead of withholding affection when they misbehave, you could withhold privileges like television time. Rather than forcing kids to eat all their vegetables, you could offer them veggies and ask them to choose which ones they would like to eat. It’s about working with those strong feelings, especially those negative feelings, and trying to address them in as positive a way as you can.

You don’t have to gentle every aspect of your technique. Gentle parents techniques can be gentle on the parent but tough on the child. For instance, if a child won’t go to bed when he or she is tired and so misses out on sleep, this could result in irritability and fatigue the next day at school. This might negatively impact their learning ability. As such, gentle parenting doesn’t always mean letting children get away with bad behavior.

Positive Parenting

This approach is all about balance with positive parenting . We need to strike a happy medium between negative discipline and positive discipline. We also should consider how it impacts their development and wellbeing. It’s really about mindful parenting and deciding what parenting choices you want to make and sticking it through.

To help parents gentle their approach to bringing up their children, some people are beginning gentle parenting courses. This will teach them about the benefits of gentle discipline and how it differs from authoritarian parenting. There is also an online community dedicated to giving advice on gentle parenting techniques. Volumes have been written about gentle parenting and gentle discipline techniques. You can easily find it online by searching for courses or books.

More Gentle Parenting Information

For more information on building a positive parent-child relationship through this gentle parenting journey, take a deep breath and check out the gentle parenting experts at gentleparentingtips.com. They have some really great parenting advice on this specific type of parenting.

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