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TiVo Is Looking To Have You NEVER Move From The Couch

by Bill Sweeney

TiVo, in it’s effort to stay relevant in the face of cable and satellite DVRs as well as internet video sites (subscribers down 21% in 2009), is releasing a new set-top box called the TiVo Premiere. As per the massive countdown on the site, seems like it will be out right around now (6AM on 3/3/10).

The box appears to be looking to bridge the media gap by bringing together all options of video viewing under one umbrella.

For example, a prominent search box on the service allows users to look for, say, “The Office,” and quickly find the regular TV listings of forthcoming episodes as well as older episodes for rent on Netflix and Blockbuster, outtakes and deleted scenes from YouTube, and merchandise related to the show for sale at Amazon.com.

A 45 (stored programming) hour HD box will be priced at $300 while a 150 hour version will be clocking in at $500. As with other TiVo devices, a minimum $12.95 monthly service fee applies. I think I still have my lifetime memebership from the very first TiVo box…damn them for not letting me move to a new box.

A nice feature is the 1 second commercial zip through…which I’m sure is loved by advertisers of all kinds. With DVR…I think I actually have to start watching some TV just for the commercials. I see so few of them that I feel like I’m not up on the latest consumer trappings and pop culture!

(NY Times)

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CapturingLife March 11, 2010 - 12:34 AM

Oh how I miss my Tivo! When it died, Directv replaced it with one of their own DVRs and I dislike it tremendously. Nothing compares to the awesomeness of Tivo. 😉


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