Working from home creates a more lax environment where one could completely fail if not careful to balance play and work.

it’s important to learn self-discipline so that you remain focused on monetary success while also enjoying life in this new found freedom.

Here are some tips on how you can learn to balance play and work at home:

There’s nothing worse than trying to get some work done with the house phone is ringing or the kids are screaming. Learn to get rid of those frustrating distractions during work at home hours so you can focus on your job versus home life.

Get Rid of Distractions


Set a Time for Business

This holds true for any work at home profession, while you may not have as much wiggle room in work hours as you desire, setting a time for business will determine whether you get that work done to go play or not.



Tell your spouse about your work and your day. Once in a while show your kids what you are working on, too. Get everyone involved.


If  you want to learn a balance between play and work at home then you have to stay focused on the job at hand. One cannot have play time if they are using their work time frivolously. One most stay focused at all times during work hours.


Stay Focused


When you have a to do list on your desk each day and learn to prioritize your work load, play time will come naturally. That balance of work at home and play simply arrives and man do you feel fantastic.

Prioritize Work

Voilá !


Designate Play Time

Last but certainly not least, you work at home to enjoy life so why not schedule play time into each day or each week. Allowing yourself to have a little play time during after work is a great way to help keep yourself sane and keep the others in the house that can’t quite understand the concept of “work” happy, too.

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You must always stay focused, driven and allow yourself some time to slack off. It’s important that you have play time while working at home to keep yourself on the right path of monetary success. As human beings we thrive best when we have that balance of success and reward.

Best of luck!!!