While the apps all offer television content, they also seems to fill different roles in our home.

It all depends on what your preferences are and what your monthly or annual budget is.

Netflix is the #1 app for a  reason. It has everything. There is just so much content, be it movies, TV, Netflix Originals or foreign content. While this is the most expensive, it's kind of a must have at this point.


Amazon Prime Videos

What started out as a Prime delivery membership throw-in has grown into a great service with original content, LIVE Sports (like NFL football) and more each day. A steal, especially when it comes with Prime delivery, too!

HBO Max has so much great and unique content from classic  movies (Turner Classics) to new movies released to Max and the movie theaters simultaneously. There's also great content like Looney Tunes and anime, too. 



Paramount plus CBS with new releases, live TV and exclusive sports and original content. This is a fun service to have. 

If content really is king, then you might just be looking at it. This is not just for kids. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and NatGeo! An embarrassment of riches, classics and new content. This is another must have.



So much wonderful reality show type conten! Think HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, History, TLC, and more!


While this service won't wow you with endless content, the content it does have it really well done. Just like Apple products in general. 


Hulu, another Disney service, offers original content, TV, movies, ABC, FX, live TV, sports, and more.

Shop Around!!!!!

While It's true you don't need cable and can "cut the cord" with these apps, be careful. If you paid full price for all of these apps and more, you'd like be paying more than you would with cable!  Be judicious and look for deals. They are everywhere! From direct deals with the services to getting free trials from your cable and wireless phone providers. Be patient and shop around. Test what you can test and see what works for you and your family.  There's so much great and unbelievably accessible content today, it can really make your head spin. Happy binge watching!!