What Can Get Your Adrenaline Pumping Without You Getting Off The Couch?

What else can you do with your thumbs from the comfort of your couch? Credit

Let’s face it – we could all do with some excitement in our lives but do we really have to get off the couch to find it? Not anymore! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, our thumbs are the busiest parts of our body. If you’re looking for something to get the heart pumping, you don’t have to jump out of an aeroplane, or face danger head-on. Instead, lie back on your electric massaging recliner. Put those feet up, and enjoy high speed, high heights, and high tech delights – all by remote control!

Remote controlled devices have been around for decades. Most of us are more than familiar with games consoles, TVs, and music systems. But RF remote controlled devices are fairly limited and limiting. You need to be within range. And if they’re IR remotes, you have to be in direct line of sight and just four or five feet away. That’s hardly going to get the adrenaline going. What you need is something you can operate in one room to control something somewhere else entirely:



Remote controlled cars are not new. But strap a camera to it, operate it by an internet-connected app, and you’ve got hours of excitement ahead of you. Set up a hard-to-manoeuvre route through your living room, down the hall, and into the dining area.

The challenge is to avoid all obstacles using the video feed only. Then you can start time trials and even intelligence gathering! What’s the dog up to know? And what on earth is all that noise coming from the laundry room?


If the roads are too boring for you, then why not try flying from a video feed? The RC Hobby Review website has a few drone choices for the leisurely gentleman slouching on the couch. Indoor or nano drones often come kitted out with a camera. You can hover, fly, and land using an online connection and app. Record the footage or stream it live to a video hosting service. Check out your hairline, or see what’s happening upstairs.

Check which drones can fly indoors for sofa-based piloting challenges. Credit

If you want to set yourself a challenge to get the thumbs sweaty, then work with a friend to set up a treasure hunt. One of you can stick clues to the walls, ceiling and floor to find the next clue. This extreme indoor sport isn’t for the faint-hearted. Clock up your collisions and set it as a time trial for that extra competitive edge.


Tech toys are certainly the best solution to ease boredom. But surely a robot is designed to ease the workload of your typical day? How can programming a robot get your heart pumping? That depends on what you get the little guy to do. Fetching and carrying are tasks that most robots can undertake. But if you pile the toy up and then navigate a challenging obstacle course remotely, you might find the fun can really begin.

If your robot is up for it, play the 100 move game. Program 100 directional commands and see how many you can clock up before the load is spilt. What will pick your pulse rate up?

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