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10 Things To Know Before Moving a Home-Based Business


Home-based businesses are on the rise. The tech is so good that you can be at home and almost work as if you were in the office. I am living and breathing proof of this since 2008. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs are no different from other people in the sense that they may need to relocate at various times in their lives. Things happen, right?

Whether it’s upgrading to a bigger property after having another child or moving for the sake of your partner’s career doesn’t matter. Moving in a way that won’t disrupt business is vital, and here are 10 top tips to make sure that the transition to as smooth as possible.

1. Moving day is one where you will be restricted for time. However, you don’t want this to spill over into additional days. Click here to learn more about professional movers and how they can make the process far smoother. Get in quickly, and returning to work will be far simpler.

2. Communication will be essential during this testing period. Knowing that your home broadband and television packages are up and running for day one can save a lot of hassle. Alternatively, Apple users can tether their iPhone to other devices to make it a personal hotspot.


3. The home office could take months to perfect, but you must at least create those boundaries. Without separating work from leisure, you’ll never get anywhere. Aside from the obvious furniture, this is a great time to invest in new gadgets that could boost business. Do not overlook this factor.

4. Help is available. Even if yours is a small family business, you could hire remote freelancers to deal with the admin to keep the venture ticking over. This removes a lot of pressure, which can allow you to focus on the relocation before switching back to work mode.

5. Moving offers a chance to reach new audiences. Whether the business provides a localized service or sells products via the internet doesn’t matter. Attending a trade show in the area and creating printed materials for use in the new hometown can help send sales through the roof.

6. The company’s online presence demands updated SEO strategies. If the business boasts a generic global appeal, you should be just fine. For ventures requiring localized presence, there is no option but to rethink the whole plan. Take on the latest trends, and you will be fine.


7. Customers deserve to be informed of what is happening. Most clients will accept the situation while appreciating the update. Create a winning newsletter to ensure the company doesn’t lose its existing audience. This will save you the hassle of starting fresh over as if you were a brand new business.

8. Establish a work-life balance is vital, and this means appreciating the family too. Arrange some days out at new local attractions. Get them signed up for new clubs doing things they used to do in the old home. Meanwhile, ensuring that your bedroom encourages a good sleep is crucial.

9. Financial relief can be achieved in a variety of ways, not least when it comes to your accounts. Home upgrades and services that are directly related to the business can often be claimed back. Click here to find an accountant. The money they save your venture could be telling.

10. Your personality and drive count for everything. This will be a testing time for you on a business level as well as a personal one. Stay positive and committed at all times, and there’s nothing to stop you continuing the success you’ve enjoyed up until now.

What do you think? Are you ready to make the move? If and when you do, just make sure you hit all of these points and you’ll be fine. Off and running. Good luck!

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