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20 Ways to Have Fun with Kids without Spending Money

2017 is about two things for me…getting in shape physically (and mentally) and fiscally. Like that I did there? I do. Now, let’s face it, kids can be expensive, but it’s what we do and don’t do that really tips the scales. They can be, well, less expensive if we just give it some effort and thought. Whether you are looking to take control of your finances or looking for ways to enjoy the remainder of summer break without spending money, it’s time to review these 20 ways to have fun with kids without spending money!

  1. Build a Fort – from blankets to chairs to underneath dining room tables. Building a fort costs zero money and can create loads of fun with kids.
  2. Get Pinterest Crazy – find crafts and DIY projects on Pinterest using supplies you already have on hand. This can be cost free and creations could lead to some laughter.
  3. Movie Time – have a load of movies or shows to watch that are kid friendly? Get that family room setup and enjoy a movie time date all day long with the kids.
  4. Bike Rides – if Mom and Dad have bikes and so do the kids, then what are you waiting for? A bike ride can give you some much needed exercise and doesn’t cost a dime.
  5. Organize the House – while the kids may not think this is fun, you can make it fun. Considering getting Pinterest crazy with unique organization bins and have at it.
  6. Dance Party – whether you put on a dancing game on your favorite video console or play music over the speakers. Having a dance party is free and super fun.
  7. Scavenger Hunt – this is such a fun way to find new things in your backyard. Create a scavenger hunt list and have fun trying to be the first person to find everything.
  8. Tell Stories – shut down the lights, get in that blanket fort and use a flashlight to tell spooky or clever stories to each other.
  9. Create Videos – if you are a vlogger and need fresh content, why not have some fun with the kids creating new videos of anything that fits within your niche.
  10. Have a Bake Off – find a recipe where you have all of the ingredients, cut recipe down to a smaller version and have a bake off competition with the kids.
  11. Go Swimming – whether it’s the local pool or a pond, get outside and go for a dip in that cool water. Swimming is exercise and totally free fun to have with kids.
  12. Freeze Tag – if you have a large family this option is perfect. Get in touch with your inner child and go play freeze tag with your kids.
  13. Bird Watching – if you love nature, then why not go bird watching? Whether you hike out on a nature trail or sit in the backyard, it’s always fun to watch those birdies.
  14. Collect Bugs – this is perfect for the parent to a bug loving child. Get a container that has a lid and head out into the backyard to collect bugs then figure out what they are.
  15. Cardboard Box Home – we all know that cardboard can entertain kids for hours. Get down to their level and make yourself a cardboard box home and enjoy the fun.
  16. Science Experiment – most science experiments involve materials and ingredients we all have around the house. Conduct your own science experiment with the kids.
  17. Hide n Seek – an old time favorite, playing hide n seek is a great way to have fun with kids without spending money.
  18. Star Gazing – great way to have fun after hours. Get outside and check out those nighttime stars, try to find constellations for extra fun with kids.
  19. Farmers Market – you don’t have to buy anything, just head down to your local farmers market and have a peek at all of the great farm stands there.
  20. Have a Picnic – this can be done in your own backyard or down at the local park. Pack up some lunch supplies and drinks then head off to enjoy a family picnic together.

So, what do you think? I think you can swing a bunch of these, no problem. You and the kids will love it, and so will your bank account. That’s called a win-win situation, people. This summer break there’s no excuse to not have a little fun in between work hours, not when you can use this list to have free fun with kids!

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