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Ace The Sleepy Time Calm Down With Rockabyboo, The World’s First Personalized Lullaby App

RockabyBoo App
Caleb does NOT like to go to bed. He is a nutsy boy that loves to run, jump, and scream. He’s a ton of fun for most of the day…but not when it’s bed time. He wants no part of it and NEVER seems to get tired. Sometimes it’s cute, other times not so much. I had to find a way to get this kid to go to bed!! Then, an angel came a visited my inbox…

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The world’s first personalized lullaby app, Rockabyboo is the brainchild of top talents in the music industry, all inspired by the children in their own lives to develop a tech-friendly means to calm a child into sleep.

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>Featuring the glorious vocals of hit UK singer-songwriter Beulah, who has worked with Andrea Bocelli, David Foster and Chris Braide among other notables, Rockabyboo is the only customizable app set out to relax infants and toddlers. with her sweet and soothing voice, Beulah found her idea for the app through her love of singing to her own ten nieces and nephews.  And she wanted a way to be with them all the time, even when she was far away.

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The songs and stories are so beautiful with some personalized with your child’s name. Caleb was infatuated. He kept playing it over and over again. Serously, he was in love…and we were all falling asleep with him. It was so nice to hear and see. Natalie started tearing up because it was so nice! We are hooked on this app and you will be, too!!!

If you want to tear up, too, check out these videos:

Rockabyboo will feature songs and stories that can be personalized by the 2800 names (1400 boy and 1400 girl) that are available through the app. Available on iOS and Android, Rockabyboo is $0.99 per month or $19.99 for Rockabyboo Unlimited.  The multi-lingual app is also available in English, Spanish and French.

Download the app on iTunes here and on Google Play here.

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*Guy and the Blog was provided a premium download for the purpose of this review

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