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Back to School Ideas with a Sweepstakes Sweetener

back to school ideas

This post was sponsored by Old Spice as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Back to School Time

It’s July baby and you know what that means…back to school ideas and building out that back to school list! No, no, it’s doesn’t mean long warm days at the beach! It doesn’t mean lazy nights at the pool or family vacations either! Do you really want to know what it means? July means it’s time for Back to School shopping, baby!! Time to start really thinking about your back to school list and finding the best back to school deals!! Will you hit the mall, the local stores, or buy school supplies online? The questions are endless and so is the list of things you will need!

back to school ideas


There are so many different items that have to be purchased for the school year, it can really become a daunting task. What are the best places to shop for each item? What’s the most logical way to handle it all? Is there any place out there where I can check off a couple of boxes at once and save myself some time and trouble??

Over the years, I continue to come back to a similar list of options where the one-stop-shop convenience I seek I actually a real thing. That place is Walmart and you can really get just about all your back to school needs right there! Being able to purchase all these needed items for the upcoming school year at Walmart year not only saves you time, but money as well. The prices are super low, so the value really is there. You can save money on each item, or stock up and get multiple items you know the kids will run out of in the middle of the year! Either way, you win.

back to school list

Looking Good, Smelling Good

I have three kids and they are all different, in different stages of life. My 14-year-old daughter needs a set of things while my 12-year-old son needs a completely different set of things. Throw in my 6-year-old son, and there are a lot of different needs to be addressed! There are a lot of back to school ideas.

Take my 12-year-old guy. He’s a boy and he’s growing in all of the ways. He eats like a lion and sweats like a fountain. And it you know about 12-year-old boys, you also know that the end result of said eating and sweating isn’t exactly the stuff of fragrant dreams. This is why back to school lists don’t only include pens and paper, but deodorant and body wash, too! We need all the cleaning and freshness help we can get over here! We need quality brands that he likes to use.

On our last Walmart run, Liam was all about getting “manly” smelling stuff. In part, because he thinks he’s a man and in part because on the days he wants to pretend he showered and didn’t, he wants to be able to cover it up. Truth. He knows about this stuff and he also knows what dad uses and loves…so he was all about Old Spice. Classic but renewed with all new products, Old Spice is awesome.

Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Men’s Shampoo

Take the Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Men’s Shampoo. This cleaning magic is designed for legendary freshness from start to finish! This clarifying shampoo, made with real charcoal, will remove build-up from hair to keep it looking and feeling fresh throughout the year! It works like a charm and has that classic, manly, Old Spice aroma we all love. It’s so easy to pick this up right along with the binders and stationery. I love that and it makes it all so much easier. It really helps when I’m shopping with the three kids and none of them have any interest in being there. We are no doubt an Old Spice family and this Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Men’s Shampoo is clearly one of the best! Getting clean and smelling awesome…how can you top that?? Maybe some of their awesome back to school deals.

back to school deals

Much Convenience

I have a number of Walmart stores close to my home, so it’s never an issue to make a quick run and get it done. The stores are pretty much huge and carry just about everything in stock. We go and we do the rounds. New clothes, notebooks, pens, binders, lunchboxes, Old Spice products. Check, check, check, and check. It’s easy and it’s all there. Plus, the prices are always a great value, too. When you are back to school shopping for three kids today, that means a lot. If you have back to school idea, make that back to school list right now! Get it all done at Walmart. It’s a great resource this time of the year, plus they always seem to have the best back to school deals around.

If, by chance, the store isn’t carrying your item, it’s also super easy to either order it online and have it delivered to your door (often times in 2 days) or order it online and pick it up in the store. Both are really convenience options that make the shopping experience even that much easier. Back to school time is already hectic, you should be able to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible. Walmart is all about that.

buy school supplies online

Back to School Sweepstakes

Purchase Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Men’s Shampoo at Walmart and to enter the Back to School Sweepstakes* running from July 19th– September 15th, 2019 for a chance to win a $50,000 scholarship and other great prizes!

*No purchase necessary to enter or win. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Must be at least 18+ and a legal resident of the 50 U.S./D.C. Sweepstakes begins on 7/19/19 at 12:00:01 a.m. EDT and ends on 9/15/19 at 11:59:59 p.m. Official rules at SPONSOR: FUEL Partnerships, Inc., 6111 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite #265, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

Find Out More

So, if you are looking for to buy school supplies online or in the store, Walmart has a ton of options, right? Even better, they have Old Spice Charcoal Men’s Shampoo at Walmart! That’s winning no matter how you slice it. But no matter what your back to school ideas and needs are, you can easily get everything on your back to school list while getting the best back to school deals!!

Be sure to check out Old Spice on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, Walmart on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and search #BacktoSchoolatWalmart and #OldSpice!!

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Back To School Shopping Tech & Appliances

The Evolution of Back to School Shopping

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Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our Back to School Shopping Evolution

Back to school shopping means different things to different people at different times. I know there’s a lot of different in that statement, but if you have experienced it (or are in the midst of it like me), then you know exactly what I’m referring to. From year to year, the kids need drastically different products based on school year, classes, grade, and their interests and preferences.

Take my kids to example. I have a 14 year old, Natalie, entering high school, a 12 year old, Liam, entering seventh grade, and a 6 year old, Caleb, entering first grade. They all need very different back to school supplies, so the back to school shopping is just as varied. Caleb needs a ton of glue sticks and crayons, for example. Natalie needs binders and a fancy scientific calculator! I’ve also noticed that as kids get older, their school supply-shopping list gets more complicated with many more goodies needed.  Natalie and I (and Liam, too) spend a ton of time in the electronics department, looking for tools beyond pens and folders.

It’s not just that, either! LOL! It seems that the older the kids get, the more they need certain items. I guess they have to fit in more and be “cool,” because my little guy is generally much easier to please!! This all boils down to me and my family going back each and every year to the same tried and true stores that always seem to get the job done and that have all the back to school supplies we need to have success at every age! Our main spot for back to school shopping has to be Office Depot or Office Max.

It’s About The Experience

Yes, I know, back to school shopping is mostly about getting all the back to school supplies that are needed by your child or children to succeed in the upcoming school year. It’s tools of the trade, offered to you by the school supply store of your choice. The tools are unique and special to each child for each class. But, as with most things with parenting and with life, school supply shopping isn’t always about the most efficient way to obtain your kids’ school supplies. It’s also an experience and a time, not to sound too cliché, for bonding in a way.

Back to school shopping can also be a time to talk about the upcoming year and what they expect from it. You have time to ease their minds if they are nervous, like when Caleb was starting “big boy school” last year in Kindergarten or when Liam started Middle School (lockers and class changes). It’s also a big deal this year with Natalie starting, gasp, High School. Stop this train, I want to get off, but I won’t cry too much here.

The TI-84 Plus CE

While there are aways sone required items, there typically is enough room in those lists to really have your kids get supplies that are personal. Take Natalie’s Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator for example. This is an amazing calculator with a slim design that’s easy to carry, a high-resolution color screen, and preloaded apps that help with logarithm functions, hyperbolic functions, matrix functions, forecasting functions and more!! It can be used for pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics and business and finance a well as during the SAT, ACT and AP exams.

The TI-84 Plus CE is a really sophisticated and intimidating item for most kids, but I love that the local Office Depot we went to offered a ton of different color options! Once she saw that she could get a Rose Gold calculator, she quickly became a big fan and couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out!! That put my mind at ease for sure.

Back to School Supplies

My kids actually really love to go back to school shopping, mainly because of the massive amount of options available today at places like Office Depot and Office Max. I’m not going to go down the “when I was young” old man routine, but I will just say that I really do not remember all the amazing selection and options available for even the most basic products. I mean, when I bought a calculator, it was black. Not Rose Gold, teal, black, gray, and more! Nor were there so many options for pens and erasers and glue! I recall black and blue basic pens and yellow pencils. That was pretty much it. Now, it’s a back to school supplies wonderland in Office Depot and OfficeMax, man! It’s awesome.

Having such a massive selection really makes the entire experience so much better. We get to check off the boxes on the needs list. I really love preparing my kids with the tools, supplies, and support to be able to walk into school with the confidence and self-esteem to take on a whole new year of challenges! Plus, there are just so many ways to personalize supplies now, with paint, stickers, and a seemingly infinite array of colors and styles! They grow so fast, I just want to make sure they are happy and ready to rock!

Office Depot/Office Max

There’s so much to think about when it’s time for back to school shopping, it can make your head spin. That’s why I need to make the best use of my time and shop at places I know I can get the job done. From crayons to computers and dorm furniture – Office Depot and OfficeMax help my kids and I prepare for every step of their education journey with quality tools and resources.

I also love the professional assistance we get from Office Depot and OfficeMax associates! It’s nice to have people that know about the supplies and even act as advisors, listening to what we need while recommending solutions that will best help my kid succeed.

Office Depot and Office Max also makes back to school shopping easier in other ways! Check off that list with the the Office Depot/Office Max School List with a Click, a database of over 1.7 million teachers’ school supply lists from over 70,000 schools across the country!

If you can’t get out to your local store, that’s ok, too! Office Depot/Office Max is there for you 24/7/365! with the Office Depot mobile app, Buy Online Pickup, In Store in one-hour option, free next business-day delivery on purchases of $45 or more on supplies, and same-day delivery in select markets!! It just can’t get any easier than that, can it??

Best Values for Back to School

In addition to all of the above awesomeness, Office Depot and OfficeMax are offering weekly doorbusters on everyday essentials and up to 80% off its best-selling school supplies! Talk about perfect timing, right? It also offers low prices all summer long on a what you need. There’s a really great selection of top-brand school supplies plus exclusive fashion accessories like backpacks, stickers and charms. And you just can’t forget about all of this important tech products like Chromebooks and educational learning tools like Scholastic and Juku brand STEAM kits. That’s a lot, I know, but I now you will love it as much as my family does!

Find Out More

To get yourself ready for back to school shopping, check out right now! Get all those back to school supplies like Natalie’s scientific calculator and more from my family’s favorite school supply store!!

Office Depot sponsored this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Back To School Shopping

Be a Back-To-School Classroom Hero

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex® Facial Tissue.

costco membershipTracking PixelBack-To-School Prep at Costco

It’s back-to-school time again, believe it or not, and it’ time to make real use of that Costco membership! Yes, I know I just blew your minds. But while you are still hitting the beach and packing for family vacations, it’s really not a bad time to start picking up products back to school supplies like backpacks for school and that all-important tissue box! Tally that list and start moving! The time for school will be here before you know it and you simply can’t beat Costco given the amazing selection and value!!!

What do you have on your list? Does it change every year, does it stay fairly constant? With our kids, it’s really a mix. There are certainly some staples each and every year, but there are also a lot of new products that come and go based on their class loads.

costco membership

Become a Classroom Hero

While it’s always great to prepare kids for school, it’s also a great idea to really make the best use of that Costco membership and give a little bit not only to you kids but to their classrooms as well!  I think it’s time to become a little bit of a  Classroom Hero!!

What does a Classroom hero do, you say? Well, it’s pretty simple but it’s very powerful. It’s all about helping stock a child’s classroom with essential products that teachers might otherwise have to purchase on their own! School budgets in many towns and cities are under constant pressure, so most teachers have to spend a fortune on buying products for their classrooms, and supplies go fast.

backpacks for school

Show Some Heart

Not only is becoming a Classroom Hero important for the teacher, I think it’s also important for your child and his or her students. When you strive to become a Classroom Hero, that generous and giving type of behavior will really set a great example for your kids, too! It will really motivate them and encourage them to do good for others themselves. You and your kids can make doing good and being a Classroom Hero a vital and integral part of your entire school year!! You all can develop new and different ways to spread some joy and make the lives of others just a little bit better. It can start with a tissue box and end with who knows what!

Kleenex® Facial Tissue at Costco

One of the fantastic options we picked up this year is the Kleenex Facial Tissue back-to-school bundle!! This baby is made to give more for your back-to-school tissue box needs. I’m talking about 10-12 boxes per bundle, packing in 43% more tissues per box than the best-selling Kleenex tissue box in the rest of market (160ct box).

This is just a clear case of winning, and winning big time. Seriously, the Costco membership is like gold, man, because this warehouse is the destination for back to school facial tissues, backpacks for school, and so many other back to school supplies!!!

costco membership


Buy Now and Save

Back to school supplies deal alert!! Not that you needed more out of your Coscto membership, but here it is. Members will save $4.50 on the Kleenex® Facial Tissue bundle pack from 8/7 – 9/1!! This discount on the price tag in the warehouse and will be applied at the register and the deal is also available at online!! Your kids backpacks for school will look a whole lot better with those Kleenex in there, among so many other great goodies!!tissue box

Find Out More

Are you ready to be a Classroom Hero?!?!? I bet you are. If so, or even if you are still thinking about it, be sure to check out and search for #KleenexClassroomHero to find some inspiration and to see how easy it is to do good this back to school season!!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex.

back to school supplies

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Health & Sports

Be Sure To Add Eye Care To Your Back-To-School To-Do List

Walmart Vision Center new glasses - father and daughter

Back-To-School Lists

Back-To-School can be a crazy time of the year for everyone. There is just so much to be done at what seems to be the exact time that you and your family have finally settled down into your summertime groove! It’s that time of the year to get your books, school supplies, and clothes. School activities need to be signed up and prepared for. There are lists upon lists for you and for them. While you are running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done, I really think it’s the perfect time to think about you and your child’s physicals, dental exams, and eye care. Why not take care of yourself when you’re already thinking about taking care of your children! I’d love to talk about why I love getting a new pair of glasses during back-to-school time!

Walmart Vision Center getting ready for eye exam

It’s Important To Keep Current

I think we can all agree that seeing is not only believing, but it’s just essential to our daily lives. Not being able to see clearly really impairs our day-to-day activities. From not being able to drive to not being able to see the TV, it’s just so important to have the most current and best pair of glasses we can possibly have. It’s just so important for the kids, too. f they can’t see the board, they can’t learn effectively. That’s why we always are sure to get their eyes examined so they are ready for school! Setting up those exams is a reminder for me to do the same. I need to be current, baby!

Once you have that exam done and that ideal prescription, it’s off to get those glasses. One of the easiest places to go for eye care has to be Walmart Vision Centers. I love that you can either have your eye exam right there (how easy it that…get all your shopping and your eye care done at the same time) or simply bring your current prescription to them. No matter, they will work with you either way! I just got my new pair and my new prescription is so stinking clear, it’s amazing!! Such a great feeling.

Walmart Vision Center looking at wall of glasses

Protect Yourself

Get a Back-Up Pair

It’s so important to have the best and most current prescription for your glasses. I think it’s equally important to always have enough useable glasses around the house…just in card. I always really like to have at least on extra set of glasses for me and for my kids. That’s a lot of glasses these days since we all wear glasses except for my wife. It just makes so much sense to have more than one. Things get left, broken, or who knows what else all the time it seems. And those same people tend to do the same thing to my glasses, too!

Having an extra pair is great for so many good reasons, but the key is to always have a good pair around to use when you need them. That’s the key because it really does stink not being able to use your glasses. It’s very uncomfortable and unsettling for me and for the kids.

Walmart Vision Center in store

Warranty is Key

To top it off, Walmart Vision Centers offer a 1-year guarantee for your peace of mind. This important. It’s almost like you have 3 or even 4 pairs of glasses! Well, maybe not exactly, but it’s awesome. The kids break their glasses all the time (no really, all the time), and they seem to be very efficient at damaging mine as well. It’s very comforting to know Walmart has our backs.

It’s great that Walmart Vision Centers offer 20% off additional glasses when you buy more than 1 pair. Cha-ching, that’s money in the bank for something you know you have to do anyway. Love it.

Walmart Vision Center seeing new glasses in mirror

Nikon® Eyes

You know the name. Nikon. They are the standard in camera excellence. And it you now anything about taking pictures, then you likely know that the lens means everything. So it makes complete sense that a premium camera and lens manufacturer would make an equally superior and premium eyeglass lens, right??

You eyesight is just so important, why wouldn’t you want the very best. There are few things in life as important as having good vision. I suggest you opt for the premium, high-quality Nikon Eyes® lenses – which are advanced, innovative lenses – exclusive just to Walmart VisionCenters. Nikon Eyes provide sharper vision and offer a better perception of details. They also have TotalShield protection against scratches, smudges, and glare, because as we all know, kids are active. Plus – total bonus –  they are easy to clean. Nikon Eyes are available for kids and adults.

Walmart Vision Center - trying on new glasses

Transitions® Lenses

Another great option is Transitions lenses.  I love these lenses and so do my kids. Liam, Natalie, and I all have them and we can’t get enough of them. If you’re not sure, Transitions lenses are intelligent, in that they darken and lighten automatically in reaction to different levels of light. Indoors, Transitions lenses filter Harmful Blue Light from artificial sources, such as digital devices and LED lights. Outdoors, they reduce exposure to the sun’s harsh glare, Harmful Blue Light, and UV rays. Basically, the lenses react to sunlight, darkening to help protect your eyes.

Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions and can be paired with almost any frame. The lenses are available in gray, brown and graphite green. It’s really amazing technology, and something you just can’t live without once you are lucky enough to have them. Transitions Light Intelligent lenses make every day simpler because you or your kids don’t have to worry about switching between your glasses and sunglasses as you move from indoors to out and vice versa.

Walmart Vision Center talking about new glasses

Giveaway Time

Enter this giveaway for a chance to win a $250 Walmart gift card, to spend at your local Walmart Vision Center!! BONUS ENTRIES if you Re-Tweet this post on Twitter, Share on Facebook, Pin to Pinterest, Share on Google Plus, or Re-Gram on Instagram. Leave the URL link in the comments below!!!!

Walmart Vision Center Giveaway

Find Out More

This year, we all went eyeglass shopping and had a great time. We got eye exams while we were there and the staff was amazing. Very nice, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I really think this is a vital and important activity to add to any back-to-school list. That goes for the kids and for the parents!

To find the nearest Walmart Vision Center, click here.  You can also check out and On social media, be sure to follow or like Walmart: @Walmart, Nikon Eyes: @NikonEyesLenses (Facebook) and Transitions@Transitions (Twitter), @transitionslenses (Facebook)!!

When SheSpeaks asked me to partner with them and Walmart on this campaign, I was thrilled!!! This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks. Find them on social at @SheSpeaksUp

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Work At Home

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Work at Home for Back to School Season

Ah the lovely joys of back to school season. This is the time when work at home parents have to learn to juggle sports, extra-curricular activities and back to school shopping trips all between getting client work done and keeping the household afloat. During the days of back to school season it can be easy to wonder why we have to feed our children, bath them and tend to their needs. The struggle is real during this time of year for any parent, never mind the work at home professional. If you are determined to get your work done while juggling back to school season then continue reading for 4 easy ways to prepare work at home for back to school season.

Get the House Setup

Not only do you need to get those kids back onto a school routine but you must have your house setup properly for the homework sessions, after school snack time and the hustle and bustle that comes with school life. Setup cubbies and other organizational areas so that your kids know where homework will be completed and where their daily after school snacks will be. Get the lunch area ready in the fridge so you pack up their lunch the night before and there’s a designated area in the fridge for them to grab it on the way out the door. Be certain you have the house setup for this back to school, crazy activity season before it even begins.

Prepare Work Load

Next you will want to be ready for less working hours and more parenthood hours. The beginning stages of back to school season require more parental duties, driving kids here and there as well as being prepared to complete the loads of paperwork that arrive for parents to complete at start of year. Prepare your work at home clients so that they can be a little more flexible with deadlines as well as to prioritize workloads so that you know what tasks can wait a little and which ones need to be completed before back to school season gets in full swing.

Create a Schedule

If your kids are in many activities such as sports, band and other extra-curriculum activities that can take up time in the evening hours then get that schedule ready. At this time the school and teams may not have a schedule but you can at least try to create a schedule in anticipation for the extra time you will need for the parental duties once school starts. Some sports and activities start before school has begun, be prepared with this schedule that will be placed in the family room for all to see.

Have a Family Meeting

Depending upon the ages of your kids, you should consider having a family meeting. The kids have just had a full summer break of lax routine and you have taken full advantage of not having to leave the house in the middle of work at home hours for months now. It’s time to sit down as a family and get united on a plan of attack for back to school season. Allow for open communication so that each family member may address issues or questions they have and make a plan for how you will work together as Team Family to tackle this back to school season while still getting work done.

There you have it, 4 easy ways to prepare work at home for back to school season. It may seem like a hectic time but if you take each step one by one, you will soon feel calmer and more prepared to get everything done that needs to get done. Good luck with your mission to get work done while juggling all that back to school season brings to your life.

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Food & Drink For The Kids

KidzVuz Back-To-School Event In NYC Rocked With Backyard Food, Classroom Direct, and Baron Fig #KidzVuzBTS

Kidzvuz Stairs 7-16

I recently had the good fortune of attending a great event in NYC. It was the KidzVuz Back-to-School event. The space was a very comfortable, all-white space on the west side of Manhattan. The mood was super festive, with bloggers roaming, kids playing, and music pumping. This was a back-to-school event I could get into!

As I made my way around the event, I couldn’t help but feel that people really were enjoying themselves, from the sponsors to the attendees. When the kids are laughing, you know you have something going. Be sure to get your hashtags and social media handles in order, please.

Kidzvuz 7-16

While there were a number of great exhibits at the event, a couple of businesses really caught my eye. The top would have to be The Backyard Food Company. Now, full disclosure, my family is good friends with the family of one of the founders. That being said, friends-schmiends. This food is dope. Seriously, certifiably dope. I truly would say that if I didn’t know Matt and Louby from a hole in the wall.

The product flavors and styles are innovative and really pop. They just taste awesome and stand out from the crowd. Be it sweet and sour pickles to tomato jam to candies jalapeños, eating these goodies just make you ask…how has this not been a thing, and a thing in my life, until now? They have a knack for not only growing the freshest produce but combining and layering flavors that work in complete harmony with each other. You can tell it’s fresh, it’s small batch, and it’s made with the love of two guys that really give a crap about what they are doing. If you read their story, you can see why.

Dude…get yourself a napkin and check out what, literally, everyone that came to their table was raving (and drooling and asking for seconds and thirds) about:

Wholly Jalapeno!

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 7-16

The spreads to make your (insert just about any food here) sing!

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 3 7-16

Seriously. These spreads, jams, relishs, and pickles (not seen here) were so good the fellas had a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Backyard Food Kidzvuz 2 7-16

You’re welcome. Now you know and knowing is almost as good as ordering from them online. Don’t be shy now, your locavore tastebuds are depending on it.

Classroom Direct

I need to get this food out of my head, stat. Let me know think about something else. Maybe I can talk about another great exhibitor I really liked, especially given the BTS theme and the time of the year. My #2 of the event had to be Classroom Direct.

There just seems to be so much to get the kids for school these days. It can make your head spin. In case you weren’t hip to the game, Classroom Direct provides best-selling PreK-8 classroom supplies at budget-friendly prices.Classroom Direct Shopping Collage

Check out all of our Deals like Clearance and Price Drops. Shop over 24,000 classroom supplies including Teachers’ Favorite Arts & Crafts to Office Supplies,Furniture, Early Childhood, AV Technology and Equipment, Math, Science, Social Studies, Special Needs, Physical Education and so much more!

There’s even FREE SHIPPING on supply orders of $49 or more, every day! Done and done…you can’t be the ease and convenience of this! Hello, BTS just got easy.

Kidzvuz Gift Bags7-16

In the end, there were gift bags. Who doesn’t love gift bags. That’s correct, no one does not like gift bags. They complete the event. They put a nice little bow on it. Hopefully you get something cool in there, too. The bag setup reflected the rest of the event, well planned and nicely laid out. They looked good and were ready for a weary blogger to grab on their way to the next event or back home. I was going back home as it was Friday evening, and I was loving the goods.

The best part of the bag for me had to be the Baron Fig Vanguard Notebook. The simple and stylish design is just what I like and the calm muted colors hit just the right cord for me. I just don’t want bright and flashy, which so many planners and notebooks are today. This seems to feel just right, smack in my wheelhouse.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.36.28 PM

I like the look and feel of the clean, soft cover. It shows how much texture still means in an increasingly sterile and digital world. This feels like something that should be held and used, daily.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.36.16 PM

Another great KidzVuz event and the sober reminder that summer will end before you know it and that the kids will be out of the house all day long. While there are some days that make this very appealing, most of the time I really do miss the kids when they are gone. It’s nice to have them hanging around every day. They are only little for a short time, so I really try to enjoy it all. Besides, most of the things that annoy us as parents aren’t much of a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Keep that in mind next time you pray for school to start!!!

For more information about all of this awesome, please check out:

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Fatherhood & Family

The Fall Grind Has Replaced The Summer Unwind


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We are now at the point where summer is fading into our memories and that amazing end of August/beg of September Disney Cruise is something from another time. The sun, the surf, the shorts and the freedom of summer are all fully gone and have turned into the cooler air, shorter days and rigid schedules that school and after school activities bring. There’s, of course, school. Then comes 3rd and 5th grade homework, which has become more and more intense with the passing years. Natalie has dance, gymnastics, religion, soccer. Liam has a couple of days of soccer, religion, and flag football. Swimming didn’t make the cut, much to my dismay (I swam in high school and was a lifeguard). There’s doctor’s appointments and playdates, blogging events, and friend gatherings, family time and parties. There always seems to be something going on and there seems to be little to no downtime. There just are not enough calendar notifications and post-it’s most days. By the time I do my nightly ritual of getting the kids in bed (Caleb is tough), cleaning up the house, the dogs, the dishes, putting away any straggling clothes and getting washed up for bed…it’s almost 10PM and I’m done with the day. The days can be long, but I thank God they are. They are filled with activity and kids and life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can rest when I’m dead or at least when the kids have moved out.

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For The Kids

Kmart Is The Spot For Back-To-School Shopping!!

It’s Back-to-School time, baby! There are so many choices when it comes to your kids clothes, it can make your head spin. Thankfully, I always bank of my wife Vera to know what’s up. I asked and she told…it’s all about Kmart this year!! She was ga-ga over all the amazing finds, and I have to agree. The kids looked pretty darn sharp. Nice looking clothes, for sure. I was most happy to find out how much this all tallied up to at the end of the day. I am a thrifty man. I’m happy to report that the prices were RIGHT. Take a look below…all of it was under $80. Under $80? Sign me up and thank you Kmart. Here’s a full list of everything that Vera brought home for Natalie and Liam:



The sneakers and the camo hoodie were a crowd favorite. I think Liam felt tough and Natalie is ALWAYS about the dresses. She’s a girly girl…I love it.


Natalie loves this dress, she’s worn it over and over again. It’s the PERFECT dress for girls. It’s pretty, it looks great, and it fits right. She can wear it to the movies or to the playground. 

Yes, I have a girly girl who still likes to climb trees, ride scooters and chase after her two brothers. So, she’s a little bit of “this” and a little bit of “that.” Kmart is the spot apparently to fit this bill!

kmart_back_to_school_5 natalie

Natalie was also pleased that the sweater looked great with the dress…she’s always cold like her mother. So help me.


Liam was all about being an Army man in his camo. He also loves sweats. He can’t stand collars, jeans, or anything that is not completely laid back and comfortable. This was perfect, and you can’t beat the prices at Kmart.

kmart_back_to_school_3 kmart_back_to_school
IMG_6772 (1)

Whether you are looking for name brands you know and love, characters your kids are fans of, or if you are just looking for a great deal on the perfect Back to School look for your babies, check out Kmart! Remember, everything you see in this post was scooped up for around $80. You literally can’t beat that. It takes all the agita out of BTS shopping. It’s nice to know the kids can look great, love their clothes, and not break the bank for it.

Have you started Back to School shopping yet? Did you get anything from Kmart? 

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