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So This Is…Clean? #DadProblems

Do you every wonder how and why your definition of things tend to be so very different from that of your kids? Let’s see…volume levels, time commitment needed to finish homework, a normal amount of cookies for a snack. The list is endless it seems. Parents and kids just don’t seem to see eye to eye, or at least me and my kids don’t. It’s constant and it’s amazing to experience. If you don’t have kids, you are missing out on one of the most frustrating, laughable, and completely inexplicable modern-day human experiences. Serisously…do you know how often I ask myself if I’m crazy or if anyone hears me but myself? Many, many, many times…daily.

This has to be one of the most annoying…clean up time. Very different ideas, indeed. I think this sums it up…mess v2

You know what I’m saying?? I know I can be a little anal, but c’mon already. Seriously? #DadProblems

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