$1,000,000 Cigar! Gurkha Cigars Breaks the Bank with the Royal Courtesan

Are you paid beyond belief? Do you only deal with the very best? Do you really, really, really…and I really mean really, love a good cigar? I love a good cigar, but I guess I don’t really, really, really love it. I have some awesome news for you if you fit the bill of having the love and the cash to spend on it. Gurkha Cigars has created the world’s most expensive cigar ever. And it is impressive.

The handcrafted The Royal Courtesan  retails for a cool $1,000,000. Yes, that would be six zeros after that one. This baddest of cigar boys is delivered to your door by a messenger who will only handle the cigars with white (kit) gloves. The cigar is infused with Remy Martin’s Black Pearl Louis XIII, which retails for $165,000 per bottle.

Check out this process. The cigars are rolled by a select group of hand rollers who are blindfolded throughout the process to allow their senses to guide their movements naturally and minimize distraction during this artistic process.  The cigar is made with filler from ancient lands in the Himalayas with tobacco that has been watered exclusively with Fiji water.  The wrapper is gold leaf and the band is encrusted with diamonds totaling five carats.

I have to admit, this is pretty bada$$.

I mean, pishah, this is all about Gurkha’s $1000 HMR reserve cigars:

Gurkha Cigars are known throughout the world for their premium and luxurious cigars, so it’s no surprise that they are the most sought-after cigars around the globe. Gurkha produces 12 million cigars per year that are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. And while Gurkha is known for its exclusivity, it has an impressive array of 105 brands of flawlessly handcrafted, premium cigars created in a variety of strengths, tasting profiles, and price-points. No matter what your taste, there’s a Gurkha cigar that’s perfect for your palate.
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