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Take Back Your Days and Nights with the Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Roborock S5 and time to read

The Gift of Time

Today people are so busy. It seems like most people are doing something or some sort pretty much all of the time. Let’s face it, we live in a busy, almost 24/7 world. The internet and email has shifted us all into a higher gear. We are “always on” whether we like it or not! In today’s crazy world, it seems to me that the best possible gift we could be given is the very precious gift of time. We can work more efficiently and someday retire or we can put down our phones and be present in the moment. There are many ways technology can help us as well. Think 2-day delivery of paper towels, dinner delivery within an hour, a dishwasher to help us clean, and a robotic vacuum to really help us with the dirty work! That’s why I’m so psyched to partner up with Roborock to tell you about the Roborock S5!!

Robotic Vacuum

I’m sure you’ve thought about better using your time in so many ways, so many times. While there are so many things we can do, there are some things that people just simply may not be aware of. Picking up a robotic vacuum may not necessarily seem like it will change your life…but it can really be a game changer! Think about all the time you spend taking care of the house. It’s a huge commitment, but something that is clearly necessary. Yeou’ve never even thought about a robotic vacuum as one of the top ways to give you the gift of time.

Roborock S5

Roborock is the manufacturer and designer of the best-selling Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, Roborock’s first generation product. The Roborock S5 is the upgraded generation of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. The Roborock S5 has many additional performance-enhancing features and functionality and is an upgrade from the original in just about every way. It’s the next generation vacuum we all need in our lives.

Roborock S5 and time to cook

Impressive List of Features

Laser Distance Sensor

  • Full set of 13 intelligent sensors guide the robot vacuum under and around furniture at 5 x 360 degrees per second, thoroughly cleaning your house without missing a spot! You can tackle any complex working environment while not bumping around or falling off stairs. The smart laser’s mapping and navigation system maps the room and plans routes accordingly. This Obstacle Crossing Sensor Vacuum even handles anything in its path up to 2cm in height!

Automatic Mopping System/Automatic Sweeping System

  • This Roborock S5 is able to clean both wet and dry surfaces for much cleaner sweeping and mopping performance. The key is the uniform water seepage that takes place during mopping and ends when you’re done. As a result of this technology, there’s no water stain on floor. This allows it to work well on all floor types, including hard floor, wood floor and carpet.

Multiple Modes

  • Quiet, Balanced, Turbo & Max and zoned cleanup meet all your request, specialized Carpet pressurization mode can automatically identify the carpet and turn on the maximum super suction(2000Pa) to clean it, and restore to normal suction after getting off the carpet.


  • This beauty is an Automatic Recharging Vacuum! That means it automatically recharges and resumes from where it left off. High-Capacity Li-ion Battery (5200 mAh) delivers up to 150 minutes of constant working!!

Remote Control Cleaning

  • To make it even more convenient, the vacuum is controlled remotely via the Mi-Home Smart Phone App! This fantastic app controls: Start, stop, recharging, schedule and timed cleaning, route planning and real-time mapping, cleaning mode switch, zone cleaning, and personalization. There’s also a tap & go function to make it really simple. Compatible with iPhone & Android. Requires 2.4GHz WI-FI.

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum Mi Home App

Saving Time

When I first started using my Roborock S5, it was pretty cool. Then, as I realized what a good job it really did, I got more and more into it. Once I saw how the battery recharged and that I have a full 2 1/2 hours of cleaning help, I started to get a little ambitious. I was getting stuff done, man. Sure, vacuuming seems like just one chore, but it’s a pain of a chore and one that takes up a lot of time and energy. So…what could I get done in the time it took the Roborock S5 to vacuum my house???

First, I was able to get dinner prepped and on its way. That’s a score. Second, I was able to throw a quick load of laundry in, too. Third, I was able to get some blog posts up and tend to my social media work! Finally, I was able to get a little time to myself – I caught up on some reading and even saw an episode of my favorite show! I mean, this was all happening while my house was being vacuumed. It was awesome! Floors swept and mopped, clothes cleaned, work done, dinner ready…plus a little down time. That’s crazy, right? But it’s now possible. Man, the sense of accomplishment when you check off so many tasks on that all-too-long To-Do list you have. It’s a great feeling.

Roborock S5 Robotic Vacuum

Amazon Store

The Roborock Amazon Store is the place to go right now to shop for your Roborock S5 robotic vacuum! It’s a brand store with a great selection of products, after-sale service support; and money-saving coupons for those that register. Amazon is just so easy to shop, it’s another way to save yourself some time!!

Find Out More

You know it’s spring cleaning time, so maybe it’s Roborock S5 time, too! Find out how you can take back your days and nights with the power of the Roborock S5!!!

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Roborock S5 and time to watch TV

This post was written by Guy and the Blog through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of Roborock. Although Guy and the Blog received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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