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Add Wellness To Your Spring Cleaning List with PowerBar’s NEW Clean Whey Protein Bars

I assume by now that you are knee-deep in some spring cleaning. The house, the cars, the closet, the kid’s rooms, the pantry, the basement. It’s just that time of the year. I’ve been on my own kick, not only just with the cleaning of all the things, but also of the cleaning up of my health. I’ve been on a bender the last two months eating right, exercising, sleeping more, and just taking better care of my 40 year old self. I’m on the way, but this is a lifetime change thing right now. I’m in it for the long haul. Because of that, I’m also looking out for new and awesome ways to eat well and do better for my body.

I’ve been really getting into PowerBar’s NEW Clean Whey Protein Bars! These are perfect for me. I’m all about having smaller meals, 2-3 small snacks, and more lean protein each day. It’s been working. I’m no where near as hungry, so I avoid getting to the point where I’m starving and trying to eat everything. These really fit in perfectly with my new MO as they are a terrific high protein, low net carb alternative to the traditional protein bar.

Check out the highlights:

  • An awesome 20g of high quality protein – whey protein isolate is fast acting to quickly repair muscles, while milk protein isolate aids in long lasting energy and satiety
  • Only 2g of sugar and 190-200 calories!
  • Available now in delicious flavors Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and White Fudge Raspberry

Whether chowed down before, during, or after a workout as a healthy snack or meal replacement, these new Clean Whey bars offer great nutrition featuring cleaner ingredient labels and no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. They are fantastic, really. Something to consider as an easy, great-on-the-go snack option perfectly paired with some water and a nice piece of fruit. You’ll feel like a million bucks making the change. Trust me. Give them a shot and they may just help change the way you eat every day.

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Guy and the Blog was provided product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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11 Spring Cleaning Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

It’s that time of the year again! It seems like it took FOREVER to get here again on Long Island, but the sun is shining and the mercury is regularly hitting 50 degrees once again!! Spring is a time of birth, regrowth, and fresh starts. The idea of spring cleaning follows these ideals, as it allows us a fresh, clean start in our home after a long winter. We all know that spring cleaning is a time for dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and organizing once the weather starts to get nice, but is there a way to take your spring cleaning to the next level? Sure, there is! Here are some great spring cleaning tips and tricks that you may have never thought of.

Wipe down the inside and outside of your windows

Sure, it’s common sense to wash windows from the inside of our homes but many people stop their cleaning there. For an extra deep clean this spring, you should also wash all your windows from the outside.

Have your granite countertops sealed

This is something you can do on a yearly basis to ensure that your counters don’t get stained. Even with the seal, you should always wipe up spills on your granite countertops as soon as they happen.

Clean the fridge and its contents

Spring cleaning is not only a perfect time to wipe down the outside and inside of your fridge, it’s also a great excuse to go through all of the contents in your fridge and throw away anything old, expired, or that you just don’t need anymore.

Get under the sheets

Washing your sheets is a given, but what about the mattress under your sheets? We bet you forgot about that! You can use a vacuum cleaner on your mattress to get our any dirt, crumbs, dust, etc. and then spray the whole thing with some disinfectant spray. You should also rotate your mattress, which will help extend its life.

Clean your dishwasher

Even though your dishwasher is the appliance that cleans all your dirty dishes, many people don’t ever think about cleaning the appliance itself! Make sure all the food particles are out of your dishwasher and then run a cycle with nothing in there. You can even purchase a special cleaner for just the dishwasher, if you really want an extra, deep clean.

Wash out your garbage cans

If this one seems silly to you considering you’ll just be throwing more garbage in your bin soon, just think about all of the bacteria that can build up in your garbage bins throughout the year. Make sure to hose these down and rinse them out and then spray them with disinfectant.

Dust out your doormats

We rely on our doormats to keep dust and dirt outside our homes when we come in. Make sure to give your doormats a good cleaning so that they can do their job. Shake out all the dirt and dust (outside) and then vacuum them. You can also hose them down and let them air dry, which will do a great job of ensuring they’re clean.

Don’t forget the ceiling fixtures

Clean fans, chandeliers, and air conditioning vents will accumulate a ton of dust throughout the year. You can use a sponge or rag and an all-purpose cleaner for your light fixtures and fans. For the air vents, you can use a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment. Not only will your home feel much cleaner when you rid these all of dust, you’ll most likely breathe a little easier too.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned

There’s nothing like walking into a house that’s just had its carpet cleaned. There are few things that will make your place feel fresher and give you a cleaner feeling than getting your carpets cleaned by a professional.

Scrub the stove burners

A lot of food can get built up around the burners of your stove. Even if you wipe this area down every time you cook, take a toothbrush and clean all around the burners to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Run your curtains through the wash

Our curtains hang in our windows day after day after day collecting dust. If your drapes or curtains are washing machine friendly, take them through a cycle. You can also always just shake them out outside or run them through an air fluff cycle in the washing machine to freshen them up a bit and get rid of some of the dust.

Well, what do you think? I know, it seems like a ton of work, but it’s really not bad and the house will be rockin’ and rollin’ once it’s all done. Think of how awesome you will feel and actually be when you can say you checked all of these off of your list. You’ll be the Spring Cleaning royalty. Now, how can you beat that?

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