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The Many Flavors Of A Sleeping Baby (Then and Now)

Caleb is becoming a big boy. He really “gets it.” From talking to asking for things to just knowing how everything seems to work around him, he’s becoming a “toddler” I suppose. It’s a lot of fun to see. He’s also been sick of late (strep) and been a little out of sorts. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the strep or that he’s just realizing he’s getting tired. I think it’s more towards him being aware of himself, but you never know.

Anyway, I snapped a couple of funny shots of him passing out.  It’s funnier to me because this acid-reflux kid was the WORST sleeper for almost a year. He would pretty much have to be in a moving stroller and/or car to go to sleep. Check out the Joe Cool, hands-behind-head pose.

Caleb Sleeping Collage 1

Ok, I snuck Jill in there. Recently, though, he’s been falling asleep all over the place in all types of funny places. It’s something you will really remember when they grow up. Ok, one is Liam (they still sleep at 7) and one he’s a faker…but it’s funny anyway.

Caleb Sleeping Collage 2

You have to love it. God Bless the iPhone for giving us an available camera at pretty much all times…(yes, that’s good in cases like these). Enjoy the times when they happen, before they’re gone.

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Time Heals All Wounds

Well, it’s not really a wound, but it’s amazing how fast little Caleb did a 180 in the way he is. The first 5 months, he was tough. I’ll be honest. Always crying, couldn’t be left alone, vomiting like the exorcist. Never sleeping, 5 minute cat naps. Always hungry. It was crazy. I was tired. And cranky. While I loved it overall, and was so happy with be blessed with another little one, I really had to remind myself if this almost all the time. And it worked for the most part, but it wasn’t all daisies and gum drops.

Then, out of the blue…he was awesome. I guess the reflux lessened? I don’t know, but now, he’s a prince. I really mean it. Laughing, smiling, playful. He’s a dream. He jumps in his jumper, he sits and plays with this toys, he walks all over the place in his little care. He’s an absolute joy. He doesn’t turn in early, but he’ll sleep 9 hours a night. He’s eating real food and he take 2-3 naps a day..for at least a half an hour each! He is amazing.  It’s a real joy. The first 5 mos are a distant memory and we are enjoying every minute of having this doll.

It shows you that things change. There are ups and downs. Good times and bad. Life isn’t always perfect, but do your best to embrace it all and try to see the good in it, while dealing with and learning from the bad. We have a good boy now, a really good boy.

Life is good. And thank God…I hated being cranky all the time… ;o)

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