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5 Legit and Creative Work from Home Jobs

by Bill Sweeney
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5 Legit & Creative Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is an amazing decision to make; it takes guts and a personality that has the mindset to succeed. When you think about working from home, you may think of those pyramid schemes or having to take thousands of surveys to earn a buck, but the times have changed. There are many legit and creative work from home jobs available to you these days:

  1. Medical Transcriptionist
    • This job requires you to listen to and type of dictation from doctors
    • While a medical transcriptionist generally needs some form of education with medical terminology there are companies ready to train the right individual to work from home as a medical transcriptionist
    • Median hourly rate is $15.82
  2. Virtual Assistant
    • This is a creative work from home job because you can essentially start your own business at little to no cost, simply put together a list of tasks you excel at and offer it up at a rate of $15 to upwards of hundreds of dollars per hour depending upon your experience level
    • Many businesses will hire a virtual assistant to work the admin side of their company from home as it saves them money in the long run
  3. Translators
    • If you know more than one language, you can certainly sign up to become a foreign language translator
    • There are approximately 14 companies that use home-based translators, and with a median hourly rate of $20.82
    • This is a great way to use your secondary language education with a work from home job
  4. Call Center Rep
    • There are many companies who will hire outside work from home professionals to be a call center rep for their customers
    • This can include outbound or inbound calls, monitoring and replying to customer emails and other customer service tasks that would normally be completed in-house at a corporate office
    • Median hour rate is $12.43
  5. Website Tester
    • There are many sites like UserTesting.com that offer anywhere from $3 to $10 per website test
    • This work from home job is pretty creative in that you are paid to navigate websites as a means to provide valuable consumer feedback regarding ease of use, design and other aspects of a business’ website

There are so many legit and creative work from home jobs available, the key is to learn that for every legit work from home job opportunity you will find approximately 30 scams. It is a dog eat dog world out there in the work from home job world, but you can get organized and start a work from home job if you have the dream, desire and dedication to do so!

5 Legit and Creative Work from Home Jobs was last modified: April 20th, 2016 by Bill Sweeney

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