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5 Must Have Apps to Stay Organized in Work and Life

by Bill Sweeney

Reality is that you probably have a laptop, tablet, smartwatch, desktop, and/or smartphone available to you at all times of the day. The times we live in make it difficult to not have access to a technological device that allows downloads of apps to that device. There is an app that you can find for any area of life. Today I am going to focus on the 5 must have apps to stay organized in work and life. Check it out:


This is the perfect app for someone who has a high volume of to-do’s each day. 24me will combine your notes, your calendar and to-do lists into this one easy to use app. Set reminders based upon your daily needs to have a little beep whenever you are about to embark on another task for the day. This is great for working parents who require a bit of a reminder on where their kids may need to be picked up or brought to each day.

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For the freelance writer or average everyday blogger, Wunderlist is a great app to have available. Easily organize your thoughts and notes within this app to have a one-stop shop for later use during your busy writing moments. The awesome thing with Wunderlist is that you can easily create to-do lists, share that list with others and discuss your notes with people who you select to share the Wunderlist with. This is great for freelance writers who work with someone and families who need to ensure everyone is on the same page each day.


This is a great app for those who have many articles to read. Whether you are a freelance writer with the desire to bookmark articles for research later or someone who just enjoys reading a good online article, Pocket is the app for you. While this is a browser extension versus the traditional “app” it can really come in handy for those who find that they don’t have time to read every article they happen upon during the day. This is one of my favorite apps – period. It’s so simple and so effective. It’s really amazing. So fantastic. It makes the big, bad web a lot more manageable.


This is a great app that allows you to kick a habit or develop a new habit. Learning how to reach personal and work goals is a great way to be more organized in life. When we get busy with our work at home days the idea that we wanted to increase water or exercise at a specific time may not be at the forefront of our minds. Habitlist will allow you to easily create lists of goals in a daily, monthly or even yearly format so that you can use your habits as a means to be more organized in life and productive.

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This is the app for procrastinator’s everywhere! Anyone is tends to procrastinate with tasks or responsibilities understand that you often end up running versus walking through your day. It’s time to take back control and get organized in both work and life. Procrasterapp is a great tool for people who need to have a support system that boosts them to change direction when procrastination sets in. With a built-in timer for use to ensure you are not wasting time on each tasks and a tip on how to change directions for maximum productivity, this app is great for work at home professionals who have a high task list on their plate each day.

Each of these apps will add value to your life and help you to alleviate stress by staying organized in a chaotic world. These apps each offer a resource to keep your mind focused, a smile upon your face and the motivation to continue on with each day regardless of what responsibilities are tossed at you.

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