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5 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Holiday Dinner Party

by Bill Sweeney

Daniel Bear Hunley - Coca-Cola Dinner Party

It’s holiday time and the parties are raging. From friends, to office, to family and, for me, blogger events…this is the time of the year to let loose and have fun. It’s a time to celebrate life and think about what you have been blessed with. It’s about appreciated your time with your loved ones and making the most of it.

As much as we all love to just show up as a guest to a party, hand over your host’s gift, and get right down to it, there are times where we have to be the hosts ourselves. We can’t always mooch off of the generosity of our friends, right? When it’s time for you to man-up and throw a fancy shin-dig, you should always look for some pointers.

Here are 5 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Holiday Dinner Party:

Master preparing ahead
There are tons of recipes that hold up extremely well when made a couple of days in advance. For instance, if I’m making a salad, I’ll generally make the dressing the day before. I’ll also wash and dry the veggies and store them in separate tupperware containers. Then it’s just a matter of throwing everything together the night of. Plan a meal that allows you to prep as much as possible in advance, so you can have more time with your friends the night of.

Let your friends bring the drinks
I host people to my house for dinner at least twice a month. Without fail, my guests ask what they can bring. As I generally like to be in control of the food out on the table, I’ve realized how great it can be to ask for them to bring bourbon and cokes or bottles of wine. Food can be expensive, and if you’re friends are willing, let them help offset the cost.


Presentation goes a long way
Just setting your table correctly is the first step in a great party. I think everyone should have enough cloth napkins to use when company comes over. It’s an easy way and inexpensive way to up your game. If you don’t have experience decorating a table for guests, keep it simple. Make sure to place out any utensils that your guests may need throughout the meal. I’ve also recently became fond of utilizing vintage products in my table settings. Vintage-inspired Items from the Coca-Cola homewares collection provide a nostalgic, Americana feel and are also very affordable.

Watch everyone’s glasses
As the host, it’s your job to make sure that your guests want for nothing. If you notice that someone’s drink is low, it’s your duty to insist on getting them a refill. They shouldn’t have to ask.

Consider everyone else’s tastes before your own
Being a host at a dinner party is the time to be selfless. Place other’s dietary preferences and restrictions at the forefront of your mind. This is not the time to bust out a challenging food that might be out of your guests comfort zones–unless your friends are self-proclaimed adventurous eaters. This also extends to the music choices for the evening. You may think the Spotify playlist you slaved over is all that, but if your preferences are a bit more niche, find something with a bit more mass appeal.

So, I think you are ready to rock and roll and throw a truly epic jam for your friends, family, or random strangers you’d want to hang out with for some reason. Let me know if this is helpful to you and what parties you plan on throwing? I’d like to hear what works and what doesn’t. Have fun and enjoy the season.

Daniel Bear Hunley

Daniel Bear Hunley, a lifestyle expert and self professed “Southern Gent” from Tennessee, created this list of tips for men for throwing the ultimate holiday dinner party. You need to listen to this man as he’s gained close to 2 million Pinterest followers for his well-curated and innovative boards showcasing food, fashion, tech, art and more. Follow Daniel on Pinterest, Twitter, and Society South.

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