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5 Ways To Carve Out Alone Time With Kids When At Home

by Bill Sweeney

Way To Carve Out Time With Kids

Between the hectic schedules of parenthood while still pursuing the careers we both dreamed of, there are often times it is difficult to carve out alone with kids in the home. The awesome thing is that you can carve out alone time with kids in the home and today I am going to share 5 ways to try get the most out of this important task …

  1. End the Day Together
    • Set a time that both parents shut off completely, turn of electronics, tune out of client emails or phone calls and just be one with each other. Curl up to a movie on the couch or sit playing a card game together, do something you both enjoy that allows for you two to engage in conversations.
  2. Schedule a Weekly Lunch Date
    • Even with kids in the home you can learn to set a lunch date once per week by having the kids go to a local library event or be watched by a neighbor. Having a once a week lunch date helps you to reconnect with one another as well as to share your pride in your spouse’s accomplishments.
  3. Keep it Simple
    • Don’t think that alone time has to be some elaborate day-long event, think about simple ways you two can reconnect alone without having the kids right there in eyesight. You could sneak in some conversation during morning coffee or while making dinner for the family at night. Any moment of alone time to give a hug and kiss or have a deep discussion about life, helps maintain the bond you have with your spouse.
  4. Put Lock on Bedroom Door
    • Every household with kids needs a parent’s bedroom that has a lock on the door, don’t feel bad sliding into your bedroom for a little make out session with your spouse mid-day. Lock that door and just ignore the outside world, let the kid self-entertain for a few while you enjoy a moment alone.
  5. Re-Define Intimacy
    1. Raising kids means that you now need to learn to redefine intimacy, you may now find having your spouse converse with you over a cup of coffee is more intimate that what you originally thought. Learn to create and re-define intimacy in a way that suits your lifestyle.

When you learn to incorporate the above 5 waves to carve out alone time with kids in the home, life as you know it will be ever changing in the most happiest of ways. Your spouse and you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and quite possibly fall in love with each other all over again as you both worked towards ensuring your needs as a married couple are met.

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