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6 Basic Grooming Tips For The Everyman

by Bill Sweeney

6 Basic Grooming Tips For The Everyman


Some of us like to do this more than others. Some people LOVE it. Some people would rather watch The Notebook and listen to Madonna at the same time (kidding). I get it, believe me. The reality of the world today is that you pretty much have to be on point in the maintenance department or you will be viewed as if you had the plague or SARS. Maybe you don’t have to be uber, ultra metro groomed, but you have to at least look like your conscious of your body and the fact that you would like women to stand within 5-10 feet of your person.

With work, social gatherings, and other intimate occasions, your grooming habits matter. When people stand close by you, they are more inclined to see your appearance. Studies have shown that women are much more likely to kiss a man on the first date if they smell good. Hello, wake up call anyone?

Here are some very basic, pretty obvious things you need to handle, or risk being the leper of your job and/or social scene. Don’t be a leper.

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  1. Allowing your beard and mustache to have extra growth – sure this works if you are looking to be a caveman, but not if you want to impress the crowd at your next event. Many men let their facial hair maintenance slide because it is time consuming, but if you want to go from “unkempt caveman” to “sexy lumberjack” then make sure to trim the edges of your facial hair on a regular basis. Use shampoos and oils, just like you would the hair on your head. It’s hair, man. C’mon now. Make sure your fresh beard is not all that attractive a place for birds, bees, or ham sandwiches and you should be alright.
  2. Out of Control Eyebrows – Okay I am sure you don’t think about your eyebrows as often as the ladies do, but eyebrows should matter to you. DO NOT wax them and DO NOT buzz them to crew cut level. I’m simply talking about some basic, I don’t look like George Whipple from NY1, maintenance. Since eyebrows are used to express a wide range of emotions while speaking, having eyebrows that are out of control won’t appeal to the masses. Take a couple of minutes to use a trimmer on your eyebrows to gain control back from those pesky eyebrows. Repeat…do not look like a women but rather like you have normal eyebrows that don’t look like they are alive.
  3. Not Trimming Nose Hair – People tend to look right around the nose/eye area when they speak to you. If you are tall, they have to look up to speak to you. Allowing your nose hair to grow out of control is not going to win you any awards and the people at GQ won’t be calling you for their next cover. People will start staring at your nose hair, instead of actually listening to the words you speak. Trim it up regularly, don’t be shy. There’s plenty of hair in their to keep your nosey as clean as God intended. Most home clipper sets come with a nose trimmer attachment, but just use a little scissor if you’re not all hi-tech and fancy. If you are really a man, just pull some of those suckers out and watch the tear ducts open…it’s good for the soul.
  4. Letting Ear Hair Grow Wild – Don’t have ear hair? Think again, most men do have ear hair and allow it to grow a little longer than it should be. Just like nose hair, you don’t want someone staring at your dangling ear hair while you are trying to have a discussion with them, again use the trimmer attachment with your home clippers set to rid yourself of these wild ear hairs. Don’t let ear hair effect you and your personal life. Don’t let ear hair happen to you.
  5. Having Dirty, Uncut Nails – This is a big no-no, I mean unless dirty, uncut nails truly don’t’ matter to you, well to each their own. Nail appearance on men is just as important as the remainder of your appearance for social gatherings and intimate occasions with your spouse; clean and trim those nails on a regular! If you’re me…try your darnedest to not eat your nails and cuticles like a common zombie or rabid dog. Refrain, control, look super sweet.
  6. Smell Good – This was mentioned earlier, but it’s so important. Shower up, do a thorough job, use some super dope men-scented product (don’t smell like Willows in the Meadow, cheapo), and dabble on some nice, manly cologne. Oh yes, women love scents, for themselves and for yourselves. Get up on it. Don’t shower in it, be classy…not trashy.

Avoiding all 5 of these common grooming mistakes men make can be super easy if you purchase an at home clipper set and your own pair of finger nail clippers. Keep these items stored in bathroom for quick, daily access. Get into the habit and it won’t seem like such a pain. Maybe when the wife or girl is out of town…have a sloppy day…but only one. Sloppy days snowball, they are addictive like Doritos and Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh, baby…Doritos and Diet Dr. Pepper.



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