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6 Summer Essentials For Every Man #TheIndisposables

by Bill Sweeney
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It’s summertime people and the living is easy. Dude…this time of the year is just awesome. Vacations, BBQs, block parties, music and foodie festivals. Hitting the beach, the pool, or just whiling away the day on your hammock is not only an option…it’s pretty much an essential, indisposable necessity. This is the time of year to take a little time out for yourself, your family, and your friends and just try your darnedest to enjoy life. Take some time off from work and go to a baseball game or just do nothing!Schick Summer 2 Collage

Of course, with all of this awesomeness, comes the need to gear. We are spoiled today, and there are just some things that we can’t seem to live without. I know, I know…men are pretty easy for the most part in this department, but there are still some creature comforts that we all need and feel are indisposable comforts that not only enhance our journey, but pretty much make it!

There are so many things to do during the summer months, and each has their own gearifed needs to consider, but I’m going to try to give you my top indisposable essentials for your summer enjoyment…right here and right now. Brace yourselves for the awesome.

Schick Summer 1 Collage

1) Flip flops

Oh yes, I know some guys are not a fan of anything that may show off their less than manicured footsies. Get over it, because with the flip flop comes the freedom. I never wore them until maybe 5 years ago. The thong always seemed to bother me for some reason. I gave it a shot…and I never looked back. I wear these things every day until the snow comes. They are so comfortable and just make you feel like life is alright. Vineyard Vines are so, so fine.

2) Comfortable shorts with pockets

You have to have shorts that you can wear to the pool but also to a casual meal with friends. You have to be able to throw glasses, your wallet, and whatever else in there, yet still be comfortable and relaxed. They have to fit you like a grownup yet still be comfy enough that you feel like you are on vacation. Cargo shorts are pretty much the move. These are from Banana Republic…jammed at the outlet for 60% off.

3) Sunglasses

The sun is bright, and fantastic. But you need to not squint all day long. That bring headaches, man, and it just doesn’t feel right. Enjoy the sun, don’t be blinded by it. For me, I’m all about the transitions prescription lenses. I tried these bad boys out and have been so happy with them ever since. Inside…regular glasses, yet outside…sunglasses. Mind blown. Awesome ensues. If you don’t need specs for vision, make sure you pick up a classic pair that will last for years, both in style and durability. Don’t try to be all trendy, because you know you are not. Keep to the classic…you know what that means.

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4) Sunscreen

C’mon…I have the Irish skin, baby! Sure, I can maybe get a little tan, but really..I burn baby burn. There’s no need for me to tempt fate at 38 plus with a wife and 3 kids. Darn, am I old? Anyway, I don’t need to be some tanned cool guy walking around. Sure, I want to look healthy and not like I have some type of terminal illness, but I actually want to BE healthy. Hit me up with some 50 spf waterproof goodness, and watch me enjoy the day like nobody’s business. You bet I’m game for some Banana Boat Kids lotion…the kids always get the best stuff.

5) iPhone 6

I hate to say it, but I need it. The iPhone is a huge part of my life at this point. I use it for work…it allows me to live the way I do, with the family, yet still run a business. I use it for keeping up to date on news and typical internet buffoonery. I play my music and wake up to the alarm with it. In a pinch I give it to the kids to entertain themselves with it. As much as I try to make me and the family non-addicted, I still have to have it. Good size screen, not too big or too small. Though, I do like the 6 Plus. Sorry, but this is it. Case closed.

6) Schick® Xtreme3® Razor

Who needs a hot and dirty beard when it’s 90 degrees outside? No one, that’s who. You need to be groomed well, groomed cleanly…and you know it. Shave that face clean and look good for your lady! The new Schick® Xtreme3® razor provides ultimate glide and comfort with 3 blades that flex and pivot to adapt to the contours of your face so you’ll get a close shave. This razor includes comfort strips for a smooth shave as well as an ergonomic handle with soft rubber grip for great control. Plus, it’s disposable…perfect for those times at the beach or at a summer house where you just want to shave, clean up, and not lug anything around you don’t have to. Throw it out when you’re done…but remember the great shave you just had. It’s priceless.

Schick Summer 4 Collage

The Schick®  Xtreme3® razor comes in three distinct types to give you more options to get it right. There’s the Schick®  Xtreme3® Ultimate Razor for the best level of comfort, the Schick®  Xtreme3® Sensitive Razor for the guys that want a little more TLC, and the Schick®  Xtreme3® Refresh Razor with a very cool scented handle for an invigorating shave.Try them all and let me know which one is your favorite. Be warned, though, this will be added to your list of indisposable comforts and summer essentials, too.

So what do you think of my list? It’s pretty impressive, I know. What? I’m easy to please. Let me know what your summertime indispable comforts or essentials are. You’ll feel better about yourself if you share.

To find out more about Schick® Xtreme3® Razors, please check out:

“I’m sharing #TheIndisposables in my life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars.”

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