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Guy and the Blog was created by Bill Sweeney. Bill lives on Long Island, NY with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 dogs.

Bill was born in NYC, raised in Queens, and has lived on Long Island since 2006. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (Finance and MIS), Bill went to work at a number of large and small management/strategy consulting firms. Since mid-2008, Bill have been working with his wife to help run the websites and the house.

Since being home, Bill has had a unique, at least for most dads, opportunity to spend a lot of time with his 2 kids. He takes them to school, ballet, even Mommy and Me. It’s been a wild ride and one that he hopes won’t end very soon.

This site will focus on not only daddy-specifc content, though there will be lots, but also content that we think men all over will enjoy. Topics ranging from family to sports to food to nightlife will all be touched upon.

Dad and the Blog is part of the INO Media family, which includes LadyandtheBlog.com, ImNotObsessed.com, Babyrazzi.com, and GettingGorgeous.com

I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to contact Bill, please send any correspondence to [email protected].


Stevi Anna December 15, 2011 - 1:27 PM

I am a huge fan of your wife’s and I think it’s wonderful you started this site. I’m not a man, but I love men so I’m sure I’ll be back time to time 🙂 Nice job, Bill!

admin December 15, 2011 - 3:12 PM

Thanks very much. That’s very kind of you…both thoughts.

Take care!


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