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Choctaw Ridge NYC – Traditional Garments Made In NYC, USA

I came across this brand and it looks promising.  Their goal is to make clothes, in the good ol’ NYC-USA, the tradional way. You can’t beat that.

They want to hearken back to when people bought clothes to last as long as possible and not throw away like they do today.  There’s few things more annoying than wearing some cheap piece of clothing and having it fray after one wash, or tear at the seams after a few wears.   Kudos this this company.  I can only hope it starts a real trend to quality rather than quantity.  Time to go back to the old way!!!

Right now, they only make garments like boxers, undershirts, and long johns, but I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.  It’s only in a few stores for now, but there’s always online in the mean time.  You can also follow them on Twitter (@choctawridgenyc).

From the site:

The inspiration for Choctaw Ridge came from an old underwear box from the 1930s.

To me, the box represented an era when men put considerably more effort into their appearance. Shoes were polished at all times. Shirts and pants were freshly pressed. Every aspect of a wardrobe was considered and cared for, all the way down to the undergarments.

Needless to say, times have changed. Back then, items were of a higher quality, and you bought the best you could afford and seldom more than you needed. Today, it’s all about fast, cheap and disposable.

Choctaw Ridge is a return to how things used to be. From the materials, to the construction, to the packaging, no corner has been cut and no expense has been spared. We believe that our garments are as good, if not better, than those of the past. That’s why we put them in the same box.

Like those men of yesteryear, we understand that less can be more, when less is the best.

Christian McCann

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