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Christmas Dinner Ideas

by Bill Sweeney

Christmas is fast approaching.  My family celebrates both “Eve” as well as “Day.”  My wife’s family come by the house for Christmas Eve, and we have a quasi-Italian feast.  Her mom makes a spaghetti dish loaded with close to 7 types of fish/shellfish including lobster and scallops.  My wife, ever the picky one, eats chicken or plain pasta with her cousin and my kids!  Christmas Day is spent with my side of the family…this year at my cousin’s.  Here we have the full, Thanksgiving-like spread including things like Virginia Ham and turkey.  Both meals are great in their own way, with the main reason being spending time with family (everyone say “awwww” now).

That being said, maybe it’s your first time hosting. Maybe you host each year, but want to switch it up. Whatever the reason, I came across this really nice little site from Disney Family listing a large number of options for Appetizers, Main Course, Sauces, and more!

The recipes include some of my all-time favorties:

It’s seems really great and I would love to give some of these a whirl. Hey, if you don’t make it for Christmas…try New Year’s.  If not then, just keep it in mind.  I think it would make for a great family night. If you do give something a try, please let us know!

Here’s the full site: Christmas Dinner Recipes and Ideas

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