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Don’t You Have Toys?

I think it’s pretty funny that Caleb, which loves his “cah” (read car) and “choo choo” and his bucks (read book) for sure, spends so much of his time playing with things we really don’t want him to be playing with. Shoes, brooms, clean clothes, shampoo, glassware, firearms (just kidding, calm down)…really anything and everything he can get his little hands on he is all about rocking and rolling with. It’s incredible to me how fun and interesting a fork can be. The lure of being “big” and doing what your older siblings and parents are doing must be so intense for a little one that it just makes all those mundane things so interesting. Plus, there’s so much learning to be done. It’s really interesting to see. Shows you how much we all take for granted I guess…how much of that twinkle we’ve lost in our eyes.

Oh yeah…he loved stretching too…stretching…I guess it could be a lot worse.



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By Bill Sweeney

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