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Enjoying The Moment

by Bill Sweeney
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I’ve had a pretty great February. I was asked to go on 3 press trips this month representing Guy and the Blog. It feels good and it’s return to the old me. I used to travel way too much back in my old life as a consultant. That was one of the main reasons I decided  to stay home in the first place. But the site is picking up steam and 2016 is my year to, hopefully, really make the site into something I am proud of. While I love helping to run the business as it is now, it is satisfying doing my own thing. While I’m still feeling around and getting my footing, I like where it all is headed. I have to stop and enjoy it.

I also have to remember to stop and enjoy the family and the kids as they are. Sometimes they make me absolutely insane. It seems like total chaos an they never seem to do what I want them to do. There are constant messes, some fresh talk, and fights to the death. I came home on the red eye to 5 screaming girls from a Natalie sleep over and a baby that’s coughing with a 102 fever.  It was 6:30AM and Caleb’s birthday was at 10AM. Grandparents to come. This was a time where I could have gone nuts as all I wanted to do was…nothing. But Caleb wanted dad and I had kids to hang with, wives to update, and a house to clean. Things had to get done, so they did. And I enjoyed it. I didn’t get annoyed or frustrated. I tried to do my best. I know that this chaos, noise, and mess is temporary. It’s a fast and fleeting time in a parent’s life. Soon it will be teenagers and ‘tude, then college and “real” life. I’m not jumping the gun, believe me I’m trying to put the gun on ice, but that’s just the facts. Time moves and it really moves when you have young kids. Hours turn into days which turn into weeks and years before you know it.

I don’t want to miss it all because I was being an old, cranky man that was too much in the bad of the moment and not the good and not realizing what lies ahead. Before we all know it, we are looking for something to do, for grandkids to play with, and for the life cycle to wind to the next chapter. Yes, I like being alone with my wife and having the occasional business trip. It makes me feel like a normal person, a person I was in the past. Maybe more relaxed, more calm. More complete? Nah. Better? Not really.

For now, give me the mess and the crazy. I’m far from perfect and I’m not trying to pretend I am. But I also know that I cry and TV commercials and that I love having the family all together.

It’s the little things and the little moments that count. It’s what we all can rely on when times are not the best. It’s what we will think of when our time comes to meet the Good Lord. That’s the important. That’s what’s worth enjoying. That’s what life it all about.

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