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Fashion on a Budget: Is It Doable?

by Bill Sweeney
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Fashion on a Budget: Is It Doable?

Short answer? Absolutely! Price is not a factor when it comes to looking and feeling fashionable, but you probably want more than just a single-word answer, don’t you? Let’s skip the long-winded introduction about how much fashion costs nowadays and dive straight into some helpful tips that will bring out your fashionable side without making you go broke.

  1. Embrace your own style

Let’s face it, everyone has their own style. Some people love to rock jeans with every outfit they wear and others prefer the comfort and stretchy fabric of a good pair of sweatpants. Some people love to wear shorts whenever possible and others like tight-fitting jeans and trousers. Perhaps you want to look smart, so you’d prefer to go with a pair of dress trousers and a matching suit and tie. As you can already see, there are plenty of different fashion styles that you may or may not already know about. It’s important to embrace your own sense of style instead of blindly following what your friends say or what the fashion magazines advertise. Yes, it’s a great place to look for inspiration, but it’s not the only clothing that you should wear. Try out new colours, buy a new pair of pants and consider wearing something you normally wouldn’t, just to see how it fits you. You might be surprised when you give new things a try!

  1. Look for deals

It sounds obvious, but if you haven’t shopped for high-end fashion on a regular basis then you probably won’t know about the ridiculous deals and coupons you can get. How it typically works is that when a new collection is released, it retails for its regular price for a certain period of time. When stock can’t be shifted anymore or when the items aren’t selling in general, online stores will attempt to clear out the collection to make space for next season’s hottest items. As a result, you can find some high-end fashion items that are anywhere from 30% to 70% off, even in the well-known fashion stores online and on the high street. However, there’s one downside: you probably won’t find it in all sizes. If something new comes out from a brand that you love, then consider waiting a while before you splash your cash on it because it could go on sale within the next few weeks or months. Unless you absolutely need it when it’s hot and fresh, there’s no harm in waiting!

In addition to deals from popular stores that are shifting their stock, it’s possible to find discounts like a 20% off Asos code if you look on the internet. Sometimes, big online retailers will give out discount codes to their sponsors or influencers in order to prepare for the holiday season (just like now). There are online sites dedicated to sharing these codes, but you can also find them posted on community forums, discussion sites and even shared on social media. Many lesser-known retailers also provide discount codes via their social media channels, so make sure you’re utilizing the internet as much as possible to help you find great deals that will make your passion for fashion cheaper.


  1. Browse the internet for inspiration

There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of assistance for your fashion woes. Thankfully, there are plenty of fashion blogs that are centered around being frugal with your money. You’re not alone in trying to look fashionable on a budget. It’s a goal that many people want to attain, and it’s important to look for the right sources of information to create a wardrobe you can be proud of without spending too much money. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll forever be buying knock-off brands and basic clothes. These frugal fashion blogs are no stranger to buying from expensive high-end brands, but they’ll almost never buy them for their retail price. Instead, they’ll purchase high-end brands when they’re on sale and they’ll usually notify their readers when they’ve found a bargain.

Another great place to look is Pinterest and Instagram. Look up different styles, shirts and pictures and you might come across some great looking clothes that could fit your style. If you’re lucky, those posts will have links to where you can buy those items, but if not then you at least have some inspiration and some idea on what you purchase. There’s a good chance that the items you see can be bought for cheap, and it’s also possible that you’ve just come across a relatively unknown brand that’s based on the internet, making it even more exclusive and interesting.

  1. Fakes and imitations: to buy or skip?

If you want to wear what the rich and famous do on a budget, then your only solution is to buy a fake or imitation product. In the past, purchasing and showing off fake products was a definite no-go. However, the stigma is slowly changing thanks to people being more open about their fashion and sense of style. To make things clear, it’s still frowned upon to buy something that imitates an expensive product and then show it off to your friends as if it’s new. No one likes a show-off and no one wants to risk being embarrassed for life when their friends realize that they’re wearing a fake product and pretending it’s new. Of course, you can always play the innocent “I didn’t know!” card, but it’s only a matter of time before people find out that you’ve been trying to show off an imitation. In terms of imitations, avoid them. You don’t want to be seen as someone trying too hard to fit in. But obvious fakes and laughable copies? Bring them in.

While it sounds like suicide to go out wearing something that is clearly fake to a point it’s laughable, the point is that people want to wear and see something crazy. If you’re serious about expressing your style, then wearing a fake branded hoodie or jacket is, in a way, a sign of rebellion against the high-end fashion scene. You’re essentially spitting in their faces and mocking what they wear, but you’re also embracing your own sense of personality and style through what you wear. This might sound far too pretentious to be included in a “fashion on a budget” article, but the point is that you should wear what makes you feel comfortable. If your reason for buying high-end fashion is because you want to fit in then stop right there and give it up. Your clothing should not be a form of validation or acceptance. Your clothing should be a reflection of your personal style, so wear whatever you want–even if it means showing up to a party wearing a ridiculous rip-off. If you think it looks funny, nice or feels comfortable, then put it on!


  1. Some final words and advice

The message of this article is probably clear by now; wear what you want and stop thinking about high-end fashion. If you enjoy wearing something and if you really like the patterns, logos or style, then you’ll pay what you think it’s worth. Too expensive for your budget? Skip it! Is it by your favorite brand but you think it looks terrible? Don’t wear it! Don’t let brands dictate what you want to wear and be more adventurous with your fashion if you want to be frugal with it.

Whether it’s visiting thrift stores, buying second-hand clothing or even purchasing cheap fakes that look absolutely terrible and ridiculous, as long as you wear clothing that makes you comfortable, it’s possible to be fashionable and also spend less.

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Fashion on a Budget: Is It Doable? was last modified: December 15th, 2017 by Bill Sweeney

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Lisa Favre December 17, 2017 - 12:49 PM

I think finding your own style is key in building your wardrobe! I like to find ideas on Pinterest!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen December 19, 2017 - 5:41 AM

I think here’s nothing wrong with buying an imitation from a local brand. Fashion on a budget is doable, you just have to really look for an affordable brand.


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